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Wounded Review

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September 17th, 2008 1:00pm
Reviewed by Scott Brown
The days of Bizarre magick and Lovecraftian Ceremonies are no more, however the desire for blood and stigmata effects is as great as ever; even greater is the desire to make a buck off of the curious and predictable eyes.

On "Wounded", Robert Smith offers the fruits of his labours in his quest to create the perfect stigmata. What an odd quest! Anyhow without actually attempting these methods, I am giving Mr. Smith points for the relative safety of his methods. Some, but not all of his techniques actually require the actual drawing of blood.

As an added bonus he offers a relatively safe, albeit uncomfortable method for tears of blood. Unlike many unhealthy, as well as unsafe methods you are not putting anything into your eye. If this is your cup of tea, it may be worth looking into as his methods are not likely to end in infection.
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Author: Robert Smith
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Stigmata is defined as marks resembling the wounds on the crucified body of Christ. Throughout history, accounts of this phenomenon have changed lives and inspired generations of people across the world, many times over.

Robert Smith has taken this powerful historical phenomenon and evolved it into a reality that your audience can witness themselves. Your audience will actually see the wounds appearing on your open clean palm!

Wounded is more than just a magic trick to impress or freak out your friends. It is like a bizarre dream coming to life right before your spectators own eyes.

With Wounded you will learn 3 bleeding palm effects. You will also learn 2 bonus effects: the Tears Of Blood and Smith's handling of the classic pulse stop effect. In addition to this, you will also receive the original ebook containing 3 more original methods and 2 additional effects! That's a total of 10 WAYS TO PERFORM one of the most powerful effects ever!

For your convenience, Wounded Kit to get you started is Available and Sold Separately.

- Very easy to do, no difficult moves or sleights involved
- Extremely Visual
- Detailed explanation and performances
- Gimmicks included
- Angle proof
- Performers hands can be shown empty, there is nothing to hide
- Limitless possibilities for different types of effects

"Very creative methods to accomplish very amazing effects!"
-David Blaine

"Top shelf stuff, highly recommended!"
-Sean Fields

"These are profound effects that will shake peoples reality. Be very careful with the powers you will possess after watching this DVD"
-Garrett Thomas

Running Time Approximately 45min

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