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Spellz Season One; Volume One (Featuring Jay Sankey) Review

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September 8th, 2008 1:36am
Reviewed by Scott Brown
Spellz - Season 1 (Disc 1) by Jay Sankey was a pleasant surprise. I was beyond apprehensive upon reading that Sankey was doing a children's show for Canadian Television; apprehension became genuine concern when I saw it was a show about magic.

Spellz appears to be targeted to the 9-13 year old market, but is very entertaining for adults as well. As can be expected from Jay Sankey, every episode is full of his often puerile humour; nonetheless it remains educational as well as entertaining. Canadian Television appears to be developing a tradition of quality children's programming (ala Mystery Hunters with David Acer), pairing education with talented comic magicians. I wonder if this formula work for the American market?

I know some will be concerned with the subject of exposure; the fact that some great concepts are shared will add to this dilemma. To keep this controversy and potentially damaging gossip to a minimum I will let you view the DVD (hopefully with your kids)and have some fun!
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Now you see it - now you don't!

Ever wondered how on earth those magicians do that amazing stuff? Magic must be really hard to do, right? And magicians never tell us their secrets, right? So there's no way that a funny, professional magician and his cool and enthusiastic kid assistant are gonna go on TV and tell us just how easy and fun it really is... wouldn't you like to see that! Well then - Presto!

Spellz is a hosted live action children's series for 6 - 9 year olds, currently airing on tvokids[Canada].

Based in a Fun House and hosted by magician "extraordinaire" Jay Sankey and his pal, the Amazing Kid Assistant, Bridget Hall.

Spellz is a fast paced, fun romp that reveals the mysteries behind everyday and "not so everyday" magic.

Using common objects such as coins, cards, and clips...paper clips that is, Jay will perform his amazing and unique brand of magic with humor and loads of fun. After each trick, Jay will then show Bridget, and the viewers just how he pulled it off.

Our pair of hosts will also talk "Tricky History" and share with us some fantastic stories of magic in the long ago and not so long ago past. From sorcerers of ancient Rome to Houdini's disappearing elephant trick, the Tricky History segment tells us the exciting tales behind the rich and incredible history of magic in quick and easy bites.

Accessible, understated, yet full of amazing tricks and stories, SpellzTM is sure to enthrall children and parents alike.

Running Time Approximately 138 min

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