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Roentgen Box Review

January 4th, 2003 6:29pm
Reviewed by Steve Giles
Another brilliant trick from the magic Mind of Lubor Fiedler.
However if the lighting isn't very good where you are performing the trick it can be hard to do it.

The great thing about this trick is that it can be repeated again and again without fear of detection.

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Author: Fiedler, Lubor
Publisher: Magic Effex
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $19.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

A small plastic box is handed to a spectator. After it’s examined, the magician shows an aluminum die that fits snugly into the box. The spectator is instructed to turn his back and place any value face-up in the box and close it with the accompanying lid. Having done so, the box is then placed back onto the magician’s outstretched hand.

Looking at the box, as if discerning something about its content, the magician hands the box back to the spectator and immediately names the correct number. The effect can even be repeated again and again, leaving no clue as to the secret. One could only believe that like Superman, the magician has X-Ray Vision.

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