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Bill Shift (PK Ring Effects Volume 1) Review

Official Review

September 14th, 2008 7:15pm
Reviewed by Christian
Randi Rain appears to be a bohemian performer that hails from Texas. The DVD is shot in an artistic mode and she comes across genuine and likable. This artsy style seems to have a momentum from her area as her friend Bizarro had a similar feel in his DVDs.

The DVD quality was not top notch but it was acceptable. Perhaps some of the haziness was her artistic style, it was a little irritating for me but it not interfere with the quality of the teaching.

The DVD basically teaches a handling of switching one paper object out with another using a PK ring. It is an interesting concept; however, I did not feel Randi fully developed the trick. It is a nice principle but incomplete as a trick.

There was no reason or motivation for her “trick”. After watching it, I was not going to change over from using the Hundred Dollar Bill Switch for her method. However, in the bonus section, I was given pause to consider the further possibilities that her method could offer a thinking performer in other ways.

I believe Randi Rain has an idea here that needs further development. The price is right, so if you spend the Fifteen dollars you won’t cry too much if you don’t like it, but if you think about the methodology for other uses you might get your money’s worth.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

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Author: Randi Rain
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The Bill shift is a great close-up effect that you can perform just about any time and any where. You show a one dollar bill, fold it up, make a magical gesture and the bill changes into a larger denomination of bill. The bill can then be handed out for examination. A very easy, clean, and pretty bill switch

Can be performed with any currency.


Running Time Approximately 11min

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