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21st Century Phantom Review

Official Review

September 10th, 2008 10:57am
Reviewed by Christian
21st Century Phantom is Oz Pearlman’s take on “The Phantom Artist” from the book, Practical Mental Magic by Theodore Annemann.

The DVD is professionally done. It is a top quality DVD. Oz Pearlman’s explanations are extremely clear and well shot. I really have nothing bad to say about the quality of the DVD or Mr. Pearlman’s teaching.

However, Mr. Pearlman did not really add much to the original effect. There are some nice touches here and there but overall it is the same trick as described in the book. If you avoid reading and claim to be one of those “visual learners” (sigh) then you will enjoy the DVD. There is no doubt in my mind that after watching this DVD you will be able to perform this classic of mental magic.
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Author: Oz Pearlman
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Manufacturer's Description:

Windows Media Video File View Clip 21st Century Phantom is a true reputation maker. That term is thrown around quite casually in the magic world; however this is the real deal. A thought-of celebrity is revealed in an incredibly unique manner. This routine blends mentalism, magic & art, and finishes with an unbelievable souvenir for your spectator!

By streamlining the handling, Oz has transformed a classic stage routine into a close-up performer's dream. 21st Century Phantom is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, and will quickly become your most requested effect. This is the one audiences will be talking about!

  • Repeatable with multiple celebrities
  • Packs small, plays big
  • Uses everyday, common items
  • Extremely commercial and unique
  • Giveaway for spectator
Oz guides you through every aspect of this routine, beginning with the set-up and continuing on into the presentation, psychology and subtleties. 21 st Century Phantom is based on Theodore Annemann's Phantom Artist routine.

DVD includes multiple performances shot live on location in New York City at a variety of real world shows. These include corporate events, cocktail hours, and in Central Park.

SPECIAL BONUS: Audio Commentary is included for each of these performances. Oz takes you behind the scenes to give you the real work and added analysis. This commentary is not only informative, but also very entertaining!

Running Time Approximately 44min

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