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Paul Harris Presents: Flow Review

Official Review

September 17th, 2008 1:00pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
Flow is basically Bob Andre's Anti-Gravico in a completely update form. (Andre is credited, by the way.) You can even do the prover where you insert a toothpick into the neck of the bottle while it's inverted. The method is new, clever, and practical. In brief, I'm impressed.

Flow includes a nicely produced video with good sound, professional graphics and a custom musical score. From this standpoint, Flow raises the bar for one-trick DVDs. It also excels in the detail and discussion of the effect. Although the disc could benefit from simpler organization and a tighter script, it's one of the best instructional sessions I've seen in the genre of "street magic" products. The only thing I felt it lacked is a complete, start-to-finish performance of the trick in front of a real audience. You do get to see several different performances, but they're intercut with plenty of reaction shots per the requisite (seemingly so) street style of TV magic.

There's definitely a knack to setting up Flow, which requires some advanced preparation of the bottle, but it is simple and you get enough of the secret stuff to last for dozens of performances and practice settings. Refills are available, but you do learn a more common source, too. Be aware that emptying the entire bottle onto the ground (or into a suitable receptacle) is part of the trick, and you can't drink the water before or afterwards. You can use other types of liquids that come in similar bottles, but water is probably the best choice for reasons that are discussed on the disc.

As a bonus, purchasers receive access to an additional DVD of tricks, online at, that uses the Flow gimmick for two additional and unique bottle-based effects. One is a coin-in-bottle, the other is called "Snow" and involves the water seemingly freezing on command.
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Author: Dan Hauss
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Dan Hauss has discovered a rare piece of strange that brilliantly abuses the laws of nature-allowing you to mysteriously and from a distance stop and start the flow of liquid from an innocent bottle of designer water.

Your spectator actually experiences the entire astonishment in her own hands! You never touch the bottle-or water-throughout the entire effect. All can be immediately examined: the empty bottle, the spectator, you, the water, the street, everything!

Dan Hauss' Flow uses a completely original crazy new principle that will leave you gushing with delight!

  • Prepare any bottle in under ten seconds
  • Works with bottled soda, tea, and most other beverages.
  • No discs or caps used. Nothing to hide, steal or get rid of.
  • Perform Flow completely surrounded.
  • Once the effect starts the performer never touches the bottle, the water or the spectator.
Comes Complete with gimmick and an instructional DVD.

Running Time Approximately 32min

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