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Winks Diary Review

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September 11th, 2008 12:32pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
My recommendation for Winks Diary is that you watch the demonstration video, available at the link provided in the product description here at My Lovely Assistant. The video isn't entirely accurate, those artsy cuts you see omit important, and required, parts of the process. The participant selects a random date, performs some math on that date, then ends up looking in the diary to find the identity of a "random" playing card.

There's no self-interest or motivation, and too much process involved, in my opinion. As you'll see in the demo, the participant is nonplussed and only responds "weird." I think she's being polite and is really thinking "so what?" In another performance clip on the DVD, the participant is clearly confused by the process and has to ask if she's supposed to be thinking of a card or a date. As Dai Vernon opined, confusion is not magic.

But if you disagree, and Winks Diary appeals, you'll be happy with the DVD. It's very nicely produced in widescreen format. Personally, I think it would be better as a booklet. You'll need to refer to the DVD several times while making up the diary. The producers have attempted to address this by providing easy access to the critical points in the video, but the bottom line is that the medium doesn't work very well for this type of instruction.

I don't know if the method used in this trick is original. There's no crediting given, and the odd name is not explained. It's a shame that the producers don't give us a little more background, history, or other leads to follow. Bottom line, I'd call Winks Diary a mediocre trick on a DVD that has great lighting and sound.
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Author: Bill Thompson
Average Rating:  (2)
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Manufacturer's Description:

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Welcome to Bill Thompson's Winks Diary. Join you hosts Peter nardi and Martin Sanderson as they take a detailed look into this intriguing piece of magic.

Contents include:

Two different versions performed by both Peter & Martin to real people in real situations! Peter Nardi's mindreading routine that uses NO playing cards. Direct and to the point...A REAL MINDBLOWER! The Bill Thompson routine, as performed by Martin Sanderson using a deck from which a card is freely selected with no force. BRILLIANT!

Hints and tips from Peter and Martin including Peter's destination prediction, which takes the effect to a whole new level.

Get ready for the easiest and most direct Card Diary to date - Bill Thompson's Winks Diary.

  • Use a regular diary!
  • No multiple outs!
  • No stacked decks!
  • In fact don't use a deck at all!
Running Time Approximately 29min

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