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Liquid (Card Through Window) Review

Official Review

September 4th, 2008 3:32pm
Reviewed by Christopher Carey
If you've already read my review for Dan Army's TRESPASS, you can stop reading now. LIQUID is every bit as bad as TRESPASS. I really didn't think I would ever receive as bad a DVD as TRESPASS, let alone in the same week! Boy was I wrong.

Taylor Lewis appears to be a teenager. The "performance" of this effect is never "performed" at all. We see the end of one performance when all of Taylor's teenage friends cry "NFW" several times. Come to think of it, maybe that's all they saw too, the end of the trick. Because if anyone sits through the beginning and makes it through without laughing out loud, they surely won't scream any profanities in disbelief at the end.

Once again, we have another creation in which the creator cannot perform the effect as described. It makes one want to vomit. John Carney spent his entire magical career refining works by John Ramsay, Dai Vernon, Faucett Ross and others. He wrote two wonderful books and released several amazing DVDs. He performs each effect flawlessly. When you read about an effect and then watch him do it, it inspires you to want to perform!

We see none of that in LIQUID. Taylor Lewis fumbles his way through an impractical and positively stupid method that wouldn't fool my dog. This may go down as the worst method ever for card through window. And I mean that in the nicest way.

Two plastic gimmicks are provided with the DVD but Taylor never explains why and in fact he uses glass gimmicks during the explanation. Taylor, I beg you, contact Jeff McBride's Mystery School immediately. Tell them you know nothing about magic. Study and practice for the next 20 years. THEN, if you want to release the 700th version of Brainwave, I'm all eyes.
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Author: Taylor Lewis
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Manufacturer's Description:

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Liquid has been in the workshop for years and is now ready for release, here's what it looks like.

What it looks like, Spectator signs a completely free choice (no force), the card is then lost in the deck and handed to the spectator to hold and shuffle. A cocktail napkin is then borrowed and inspected along with a window. The window is then covered with the cocktail napkin and the cards are sprung at the window. All the cards fall and the shadow of one card is seen behind the napkin, the napkin is ripped and revealed to show the signed card, which is then surgically pulled back through the window and handed to the spectator to keep.

An effect by Taylor Lewis with the help of David Mann SHATTERS what you know about card through windows

-No setup at all required to the window

-Can be performed on ANY glass surface with no prep, (vending machine, airplane.....yes anywhere), just have your gimmick and your ready

-Card is signed, everything can be inspected and even borrowed

Includes 4 Variations:

-Magician pulls card back through same side or spectator pulls card back through same side ( with no clue to the workings of the effect)

-Take your specs around the window and show them that the card is stuck in the middle of the glass, spectators on both sides of the window can see and feel that the card is in the middle, then the magician or spectator removes it from the opposite side of the glass themselves.

-Perform the window variation then go straight to a table and with no gimmick have the card slowly melt through the glass table right into their hands.

Bonus Effect Target by Eric Simmatis

Get a card selected and signed, then draw a target on a transparent window. Throw the cards at the window and behind the center of the target is the selected signed playing card! Now take a napkin and wipe the target, the card will wipe away leaving the target!

Running Time Approximately 46min

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