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Trespass Review

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August 29th, 2008 4:28pm
Reviewed by Christopher Carey
Dan Army looks every bit of 16 years old. I have no problem a teenager creating and selling magic tricks, but the track record for teenagers creating and selling magic tricks is not good. In fact, it's atrocious.

TRESPASS couldn't fool anyone. Danny, as I shall now call him, shows us two different methods of performing coin in bottle. The first method uses a plastic water bottle. The coin can be signed and then dropped in the bottle, penetrating the side, rather than being slammed into the bottle. Sounds good doesn't it? Would you believe it if I told you that Danny can't do the damn trick? Not once does he perform either version for real live breathing people. Hell, he doesn't perform it for the camera. Several times, he sloppily talks his way through it. At one point he drops the coin while trying to do the sleight.

The second version uses a glass bottle with a mouth wider than the coin, no lid, and a false transfer. I leave it to your imagination to figure out how this is done. Michael Ammar and David Williamson would be proud that an inferior version of their work appears on this DVD.

Danny put a white sheet behind him, a lamp on the ground pointed upward and set a bad camcorder on a tripod. It reminded me of the Trenchcoat Mafia videos that were posted after Columbine. Danny tells us that he developed TRESPASS several years ago. What, when he was twelve? He tell us that others begged him to release this, but he refused, until now. If I could have only found those beggars and duct-taped their heads together before they made friends with Danny during World History class....

I used to feel bad for kids who released bad "street magic" on DVD so that other kids could learn bad "street magic" but I got over it. Anyone with a camcorder and a computer can create slick graphics and an unrealistic demo now.

Hopefully Danny will one day look back on this ill-conceived piece of Samsonite and be shocked, embarrassed and most of all, sorry.

This DVD would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad. In fact, my initial review as going to be "HAHAHAHAHA". Please Danny, go back to magic school and get your degree.
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Author: Dan Army
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Just imagine this for one second. Any SIGNED object is borrowed, and a bottle is borrowed. This defies all scientific laws. The object is dropped onto the bottle. Naturally, it would just stop, and fall to the ground. Not with Trespass. It is seen in full view, and it visually penetrates as it drops. The coin is seen inside, and heard. You hand the bottle back, and they can keep the bottle FOREVER with the coin inside. This miracle came from the twisted mind of Dan Army.

They can stare at the bottle until their blood runs cold, and they will not find even the slightest defect to the bottle. The object will stay inside until doomsday. It's not going anywhere. This beats out any effect like it. Trespass is the most impromptu effect of it's kind. Get ready for Trespass.

Running Time Approximately 30min

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