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Rinkey Dinky Review

January 4th, 2003 6:25pm
Reviewed by Steve Giles
Wonderful trick.
I perform this 100's of times each year and it never fails to get a response.
It's a beautifully made product and if anything should go wrong with it then Hottrix will repair it free of charge (just send $4.95 for postage etc)
You have to slighly carefull of your angles when performing this trick, but done properly you have a real miracle!
It's great haveing no bulky wallets, keycases etc the gimmick is in the key itself on YOUR key ring.
Which means you have a trick with you at all times.
Worth every Penny

Product info for Rinkey Dinky

Publisher: HotTrix
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $59.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

See the black car key? That's Rinkey Dinky. Just carry it along with your normal keys. The secret mechanism inside will make any borrowed ring vanish at your fingertips and then attach it to your key ring. Absolutely undetectable and fully automatic. Swiss precision at your service.

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