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Bob Does Hospitality - Act 3 Review

Official Review

August 25th, 2008 5:44pm
Reviewed by Christian
Bob Sheets does Hospitality is a 3 DVD set. I will review each DVD as the entire set. Although the tricks are different on each DVD; the feel, information, and value is the same for all the DVDs.

I like Bob Sheets; he knows how to entertain an audience. His wit and quirky personality make him a joy to watch. The bad news is that these DVDs do not capture the jokeresque essence that is Bob Sheets. If you have ever seen Bob Sheets perform you know there will here howls, screams, and laughter. The studio audience he was performing for was rather comatose. Bob seemed to be struggling for a rhythm and it all played flat. It was disappointing, however, during the explanations Bob seemed to come alive and his personality returned. His teaching segments were fun and thoroughly explained. Very good stuff!

And there is more good news.

The material is solid. It is not cutting edge, it is not “street magic”, but if you are a professional that needs to do close up in a corporate setting this is the material that will work. One detail that I particularly liked was the variety of material. Cards, Balls, Coins, and Sponge Bunnies all come together for some hilarious fun. Another factor that might appeal to you is that he arranges the tricks to create a table act. This is not a string of tricks or one single trick but a well thought out routine that a table or group of people will remember.

The Quality of the DVD is good but not great. You will surly understand and see everything you need but the quality of the filming was average. How would I have made this better? I would have re-shot the material in front of a real audience and I would have improved the camera work.

Final comments are: If you are getting these DVDs to simply enjoy Bob Sheets, you will most likely be disappointed. If you are getting these DVDs to add professional close up material to your act, they are very good.

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Bob Sheets has been a top professional magician for decades. He's refined and simplified his working repertoire over the years to the point where each routine has been honed to perfection.

Bob Does Hospitality is a series of three DVDs that covers Bob's current close-up repertoire of nine routines. These routines are the ones Bob does EVERY DAY. These are the one's that get THE MONEY.

Each DVD contains one "ACT". Each ACT is built on three dynamite routines that will play well in any close-up situation from strolling during cocktails to table-hopping to formal close-up.

With all three ACTS in his pockets, Bob can go from group to group without repeating a routine until he gets to the fourth group yet each group gets to see a complete show.

This strategy is without a doubt the smartest way to work many events. You have enough material to do a really great job but your pockets aren't filled to the brim and you don't have to carry a case to the show. Each routine is independent so you can mix and match the routines to the audience in front of you on the fly. You can do one, two or three routines as you see fit.

The routines covered in Bob Does Hospitality are totally practical. Bob is known worldwide for being a hilarious comedy magician. Bob Does Hospitality gives you all of the patter that makes these routines "play" in the real world.

The methods for the routines are in a word easy. Bob has done most of the work for you. If the best method is a gaff, Bob uses a gaff. If the best method is a series of outs Bob shows you what to say and how to say it. Bob uses easy methods so you can concentrate on your performance! But even though the methods are easy the routines are FOOLERS!

Bob shows you how to easily build all of the card gaffs in just minutes. Three routines use props you probably already own -- The Bunnies, Triple Transpo (also know as Copper, Silver, Brass) and The Three Ball Trick.

The explanations of the routines are in-depth and cover every aspect of the work. The DVDs were shot and produced in the HD studio at Bob Kohler Magic.

Here's the breakdown of the material on this DVD:

Three Ball Trick: Plays HUGE, packs small. Just three balls but this one drives them over the edge. Bob's motivation, gags and the sell of the trick make this an incredibly useful trick to have in your pocket. Non-stop visuals and the best work on the methods for the classic three ball plot...EVER!

Flash Deck: Instant mindreading...just add water! Actually, there is no water except on the audience's brain. The deck does 95% of the work for you. You could do the rest while hanging out on your couch at home. Destined to become a classic.

6 Tricks In 2 Minutes: It's more like 60 tricks in 2 minutes. The deck is gaffed and does the work for you. It's action packed inside of a bizarre Sheet presentational wrapping. Really funny, very visual.

Running Time Approximately 50min

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