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Baltresca's Sleeving Review

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August 27th, 2008 12:57pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
This DVD is obviously very specific in its content. It's certainly not going to appeal to a large audience. But with the recent success of FISM-winner Rick Merrill, maybe the topic of sleeving long objects will start to gain momentum.

Now that I've narrowed down the audience, let's get to the content...

The explanations are in Portugese with English subtitles. This didn't hinder my ability to learn the material in any way.

I didn't understand the intro video. Scratch that. I understood the magic. I just didn't get the Elvis music and dancing. What is it with Elvis, anyway?

There is a very interesting anti-piracy segment. One segment involves a supposed curse and a guy sitting on the toiled claiming to have a diarrhea crisis every three hours.

The "effects" consist of a series of vanishes, productions and changes performed with different blocking (frontal view, side view, etc.). More horrible music, but the effects are stunning.

The explanations start with basic sleeving concepts and moves, including the requirements and fallacies concerning the sleeves themselves. He performs most of the sleeving in a long-sleeved shirt, which is a nice change from the typical "jacket required" style.

One thing I found particularly refreshing is the emphasis on naturalness. We've all seen magicians who use their sleeves or a topit but telescope all of the moves. Baltresca really focuses on the nuances of having relaxed hands and posture.

To finish it all off, the viewer is taught how to make a mango mousse... yum!
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Author: Rafael Baltresca
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Manufacturer's Description:

No gimmicks
No rubberbands
No preparation
Absolutely nothing special, just you and your sleeves.

In this DVD you'll learn advanced techniques about sleeving to make appear, disappear and transform objects like pens, pencils, candles, cigars, stilettos etc. Very new techniques! Results of 5 years of Baltresca's studies.

Running Time Approximately 64 min

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