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Invisible Stranger Review

Official Review

August 4th, 2008 5:02pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
The Invisible Stranger is more than just a trick or two, it's an entire 30 minute act plus a marketing outline. It's not a "marketing plan," by which I mean a fully defined and ready-to-use package. The Invisible Stranger identifies a market, relates some of the author's experience, and points you in the right direction. It'll be up to you to run with the notion and make your own success.

The same thing applies to the act, too. You have been given the structure and framework, and enough about methodology for you to start, but you'll have to work out the rest. This isn't a criticism, just pointing out what you're buying.

One thing I disliked about the book is that it spends a fair amount of time promoting other Docc Hilford products. One could, however, justify this with the observation that Hilford is "walking the walk" as the marketing ploy relies heavily on add-on sales to bolster ones income.

Hilford's manuscripts have been criticized in the past, at least here on My Lovely Assistant, for being poorly produced, scant, and over-priced. The Invisible Stranger, like The Rosini Secret, is much better about the first two points. But Hilford still misuses the phrase "fully scripted" to describe what amounts to a presentational framework with a few specific lines thrown in.

In terms of price, I think it's a fair value providing that you know what you're buying. Compare this $45 manuscript, which works out to be more than $1 per page, to the 440 page, hardbound book about Maurice Fogel and you might consider if you're really going to act on Hilford's plan, or if you're just looking for some new tricks. If you're not ready to commit yourself to action, then spend your money elsewhere because I don't think you'll get as much value from The Invisible Stranger.

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Product info for Invisible Stranger

Author: Docc Hilford
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $45.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

It hides in Shows and Impersonates the Innocent

Frustrated with complicated billet peeks that are cleverer on the page than in the field? Tired of having to shove unfolded business cards in your wallet just to read them? Hate switching slips because it's so unnatural and you're sure to be caught with the hidden note? Then take a modern look at an ancient page from the descent of medium's notebook and use the cunning brilliance of...

The Invisible Stranger

This 44 page book is jammed with detailed information, illustrations, and photographs. it's really THREE MANUSCRIPTS IN ONE BOOK! It contains...

  • An invaluable method of billet reading that allows you to openly read a billet in front of the audience more easily than with a peek or a wallet.
  • A full routined, scripted and audience tested. ACT that's truly Real Time Mentalism and completely impromptu. 20 YEARS in actual Performance.
  • A detailed, step-by-step self working method of selling the act to a PROVEN market that's been searching for someone like you for years.
The Invisible Stranger is a combination of contemporary techniques blended with a closely guarded secret of spirit mediums. Its bold and direct methodology can be applied to hundreds of mental effects.

The new and improved, Strangers in the Night, is one of Docc's signature pieces. It showcases the mind reader's ability to look at women and tell if they're thinking of a friend, lover or someone else, whether the friend is male or female, disclose their name and accurately describe the friend who isn't even present! And apparently BEFORE touching a billet!

And as a BONUS, a quarter of the book is devoted to how, where and to whom you can sell this act for a solid, steady income. You'll learn everything about booking enough gigs to show off your new talent, perform part time or be one of a few select mentalist will exploit this market for all it's worth. Mentalists have paid Docc a high fee to teach them how to successfully work the Ladies Club Market. Only about half a dozen mentalists now work this lucrative and hidden gold mine.

Pages 44 - Saddle Stitched

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