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F*ck Street Magic #1 Review

Official Review

August 21st, 2008 11:27am
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
F*ck Street Magic is nicely produced, and fairly entertaining to watch, but doesn't offer a lot of value. Todd Diamond is a likable and energetic performer but the tricks here are "classic," which means most magicians already know them. So what you're paying for is presentational advice.

Presentations that include an ambitious card routine where the deck represents a vagina, the spectator thrusts their card inside, and then presses the "G spot" to make the card "come" to the top. You're also taught a Spellbound routine where, in the last few minutes of the video, the performer advises you not to perform it on the street, as shown and taught, because it just doesn't work play well in that environment. (Which was painfully obvious from the performance segment.)

Don't get me wrong, I'm no prude, and as I said the disc as a whole is fun. There has been an effort made to credit inventors, although curiously missing is any mention of Dai Vernon despite the 30 minutes or so spent discussing Spellbound. And for the record, it's an Ascanio Spread, not an Askany Spread that's (very) briefly taught.

It's also interesting to see all the skillful edits made in many of the talking segments. After a while it's clear the disc isn't scripted because there's an edit every 4 or 5 sentences. Stick around to the end and several minutes of bloopers reveal why the rest is so chopped up. And on your second viewing (yes, I watched portions of it twice) watch the women he's performing for. Their honest reactions as telegraphed by their facial expressions will, or should, guide your decisions to adopt the suggested presentations.

For $40 you'll learn a lot more from nearly any L&L DVD, but you won't laugh nearly as much, and certainly won't hear as much swearing. I guess it depends on how what you want to get in exchange for your money.
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Author: Todd Diamond
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F*CK STREET MAGIC - take to the streets with Todd Diamond as he presents three incredible routines in his own inimitable style. With traditional magic as a springboard, Todd launches into his own dynamic versions of "Spellbound," his personal gimmick-free N.F.W. called "No F*cking Way," and his in-your-face ambitious card routine: "Birds & Bees."

In the studio, you will learn every nuance of these real worker routines, time-tested all over the world and on television, with Todd's own patented craziness in every minute.

This DVD not only teaches you these POWERFUL effects but also delivers unparalleled insider's-only views on PERFORMANCE and PRESENTATION - the kind of experience and knowledge that takes years for a professional performer to develop in the real world.

As a special bonus - worth the price of the DVD alone - you get a rare glimpse into the astonishing life of James Dimmare, one of the world's most recognized and respected professional entertainers.

F*CK STREET MAGIC. It's kind of a big deal.

Running Time Approximately 120min

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