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Twister (With Props and DVD) Review

Official Review

August 11th, 2008 12:05pm
Reviewed by Christian
Jay Sankey’s Twister is a key twisting effect. It is a DVD and is priced at $30. Bottom line up front, well worth it. Not only does Jay give you multiple ideas and methods, he painstakingly goes through the switches you will need to perform this effect.

I have a strong dislike for DVD’s that elude to moves that we need and then don’t show us or don’t teach us. On this DVD even if you have no idea how to perform any sleight of hand, Jay will teach you each move. Not only that, but he will give you the psychological aspects and performance aspects. I am really excited about this.

I really enjoyed this DVD, because lately I have seen so many DVD’s shot in someone’s garage by a young person who just can’t wait to get their product, trick, etc to market. They almost have no ability to teach or explain magic. Jay Sankey comes across in this DVD as a real instructor or the art. Even if you are not going to perform this effect, you will enjoy watching someone who knows how to teach an effect.

Highly recommended.

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Product info for Twister (With Props and DVD)

Author: Jay Sankey
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Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

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Unlike most key bend handlings, with TWISTER the just-examined key stays in full-view, not just before and after the bend, but even DURING the bend! The audience actually gets to SEE the key bend without any cover and then you can immediately hand it right out, no switching!!

You can even have the key initialed by a spectator and STILL do the incredible bend! Even crazier, A SPECTATOR can actually take hold of the head of the key and TWIST IT it a full 90-degrees! And again, you can hand it right out, no switching!

TWISTER comes complete with a specially machined gimmick and an exciting full-length instructional DVD featuring several different handlings including:

  • The Two-Handed Twist
  • The Nail Twist
  • Mike Skutt's Presentation
  • The One Hand Switch
  • The Spectator Twist
  • You'll even learn several ways to UNTWIST the key!!!
Also, because TWISTER features the same design of key as our best-selling KILLER KEY effect, the two make for an outstanding combination!

"Over the years I've performed several different bent key routines and handlings under real world conditions, but I keep coming back to Twister. It's super practical, great on angles, extremely easy and crazy visual!"
- Jay Sankey

Based on a spoon bending routine Jay created over ten years ago, TWISTER is a key bend "with a difference."

Running Time Approximately 50min

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