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My Precious Review

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August 10th, 2008 12:54pm
Reviewed by Christian
This is a psychometry routine done with women’s jewelry and 4 coin purses.

What you get is 4 coin purses and 3 pages of instructions. The instructions supply you with a script. I was not too keen with the script as I though it was a bit too contrived. The good news is that you really should come up with the script yourself. This is one of those effects that has so many possibilities. It will depend heavily on your personality.

The coin purses will do much of the work for you and they are well made.

If you are looking to perform a psychometry routine, these are nice props that fit in your pocket and yet play big.

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Author: Haim Goldenberg
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Manufacturer's Description:

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The perfect, portable mentalism effect, which is perfect for stage, walk around, and close-up!

MY PRECIOUS is an amazing routine that is based on a combination of the finest concepts and principles in mentalism.

The routine that is suggested is taken directly from Haim Goldenberg's act, which he has performed successfully for the past six years. MY PRECIOUS is well polished and is one of Haim's favorite routines.

The performer shows the strong relationship between women and their jewelry, and how the last affects the woman's body-language. With 4 volunteers on stage, you, the mentalist, will be able to determine which ring is whose just by looking at the women's body language. And most impressive - you will be able to describe a ring just by watching at the body language of the volunteer.

The routine is full of humor and charm! All the necessary accessories are included along with the specially designed leather bags.

Very easy to perform - no special preparation! Adaptable to any kind of performer. Flexible - create your own routine! No pre-show work at all and no special preparation!

Small, easy, and clean! Put it in your pocket and you are ready to go for a full 5-8 minute entertaining routine!

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