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Trade Show Secrets Revealed Review

January 4th, 2003 6:21pm
Reviewed by Christian
This is a 30 page comb bound pamphlet. I would not call it a book by any means. This pamphlet is atrocious. (That means really, really, really bad)


I would think if some one was going to write a book on how to break into trade shows it would take a few more pages than 30. What adds to this insult, is that each page has a large side banner that takes up a fifth of the page, so it isn't even a true 30 pages to begin with. And . . . . the pamphlet is peppered with some low grade clip art on top of that.

This is an extremely over-simplified collection of notes pertaining to trade shows. Many of the suggestions are fairly self explanatory for anyone who would be thinking doing magic full time in any venue. Suggestions such as, get letters of reference (1 paragraph), get a video tape (1 paragraph), and get a photo (1 paragraph), are not really breaking new ground in the business of magic. On one page, he even gives suggestions like, use deodorant, don't pick your nose, and use breath mints. Oh my gosh!

There is little of value in this pamphlet and $20 is outrageous! Words fail me as I attempt to explain how much of a blatant fleecing of the magic community this is.


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Author: Kannen, Phil
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A step by step guide to working in the corporate market. A must have book for anyone wanting to enter this lucrative venue, a sensational idea for people already in the industry. This program will turn your dreams into reality. This is the first book ever written solely on the trade show market. Phil Kannen is a 15 year veteran, working for some of the top corporations in the country and earning an executive's salary. The ideas in this book have been proven to work in the real world. Learn Phil's secrets to getting hired by large corporations with samples of all of Phil's marketing tools, including sales letters, brochures and everything you need to get started. You will learn - Secrets to Booking Shows; Double Your Income in 30 Days; Get Referrals and Re-bookings; How to Up Sell for More Money; Work as Many Shows as You Want; Learn to Customize Your Show; Get Your Clients to Call You; Free Publicity Equals More Shows. Spiral bound soft cover.

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