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Alpha Cards Review

Official Review

August 13th, 2008 5:55pm
Reviewed by Jeff McBride
What you get:
* one page of photocopied text with two grainy photos
* 2 red backed Bicycle 4 of spades

No wallet is supplied with the cards. In today’s marketplace, gimmicked cards, especially of a delicate nature, would do better if they were sold in individual card wallets.

This is really good, well, almost. When you take these cards out of the package and play with them, you will be delighted by the color change potential of the thermo-chromatic ink. The four of spades, placed between the palms of your hands, or heated briefly with a cigarette lighter or cigarette (yuck) will change into a four of hearts, almost… There is a tell tale stem of the spade, which remains gray, so the effect is less than a perfect color change. Some folks might even think the trick didn’t work all the way. With all of this said, this is a fun quickie for a performer with repeat audiences that is looking for a novelty card change.

Jesse suggests that you use a regular cigarette lighter to change the card. He mentions that you should be careful because you could burn the card… He could sell more of these if he did not tell you that, so I applaud him for his honesty. I look forward to the version of this effect where the stems will vanish. Right now, I consider this “beta-cards.”
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Author: Jesse Feinberg
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Heat sensitive, REUSABLE color changing cards! Hold an Alpha Card in your hand, and it will magically change from spades to hearts! If you wave it in the air, the card will change back to spades. No setup or reset required. Just add a little body heat to the special playing card. This is a brand new technology for magicians. It looks like real magic!

MANY POSSIBILITIES! Includes 2 special Alpha Cards, and instructions.

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