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Helter Shelter The Movie Review

Official Review

July 16th, 2008 5:08pm
Reviewed by Christian
Helter Shelter the movie was an interesting DVD to be sure. The production values were quite high. The individual or character that hosts the DVD is Bizarro with a guest appearance by Randi Rain. Even if you learn nothing, the DVD is fun and entertaining to watch. Bizarro went way out of his way to create a different type of DVD and I believe that he was successful.

Now, for the material. I felt that Bizarro did a good job but I was not fully satiated by some of his explanations. In the beginning, when he was explaining some of the switching devices, I never received an adequate view of the mechanisms. He held up a few, demonstrated them, and that was it. I would have liked to see and hear a little more on each.

Perhaps the problem lies in the concept of what the DVD was about. If it was a comprehensive DVD on razor blade swallowing then it is lacking. However, if the DVD is about Bizarro’s method, then I would rate it much higher. Don’t get me wrong, Bizarro does expose you to other ideas and methods of razor blade swallowing but not comprehensive enough for my tastes.

Overall, if you are interested in performing this effect then you should not be disappointed by this DVD. Even if you do not perform his or Randi Rain’s version, it is still interesting, educational, and fun to watch this DVD.

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"Crawling forth from the twisted mind of Bizzaro. The Optical Illusionist, comes Helter Shelter: The Movie.

A visual guide to the book of the same name, Helter Shelter will take you on a journey through the gruesome details of the Razor Blade Illusion Mystery as well as the haunted 13th Street Morgue. The first video of it's kind to explain the intricate workings of the razor blade illusion as well as tips, tricks, advice, and even a few unique effects exclusive to this video... including the never before seen Bizzaro Fan Stand.

With a special appearance by Randi Rain and music by Alex Can't Sleep, Helter Shelter: The Movie is a rare treat for those souls willing to take a brave look inside MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Running Time Approximately 68min

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