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Hypno Aces (DVD and Cards) Review

Official Review

July 13th, 2008 11:02pm
Reviewed by Scott Brown
Do you do Kentonism or any other suggestion or trance based magic? If so “Hypno-Aces” by David Penn might be a good addition for you. In fact, if you are a packet trick junkie you may like this too.

David Penn’s mediocre performance doesn’t do justice for the effect. Basically four Bicycle cards with a hypnotic design on the front are shown. As they are displayed one is placed in each hand of the spectator. A snap of the fingers breaks the trance or hypnotic state and all four cards are cleanly shown to be the four aces.

If you like quick visual magic in packet trick form it is definitely worth looking into. As I said earlier if you do pseudo trance or hypnotic states, you may have fun with this one. It may be too much on the magic side for some, but I think fans of Kentonism will like it.

The effect is very easy to do and very visual. The DVD gives good enough explanations with somewhat uninspiring performances.
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Author: David Penn
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Every magician gets asked if they use their magic to cheat at cards. Imagine the spectators surprise when you prove that you can actually use hypnosis to create a winning hand.

You start by asking the spectator to stare at four hypnotic designs that produce a very strange visual effect in your hands. Is this an optical illusion or are they under your power?

They will have even more doubts when you snap your fingers and the hypnotic cards visually change into four aces which you can show on both sides.

Your spectators will be stunned but you will never get an invitation to their poker nights!

Comes complete with instructional DVD and gimmicked cards on Bicycle stock.

Running Time Approximately 27min

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