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UV Nightshades Review

Official Review

July 8th, 2008 10:57pm
Reviewed by Scott Brown
UV Nightshades by Paul Harris and Mark Allen turned out to be somewhat of a treat. I liked and have used Mr. Harris’ “Improv Nightshades” on a few occasions with great success; I feared this was going to follow the recent trend of re-releasing an effect without any real improvement or even worse, there have been many that were actually steps backwards. It definitely takes a little more time to prepare the gaff, but it allows for a very clean handling.

If you are not familiar with this now classic effect, you borrow a dollar bill and draw a pair of sunglasses with a pen over Washington’s eyes. After showing your hands clean and holding the bill by the edge… the shades suddenly and visually jump to George’s forehead. Without cover or switches the glasses are permanently inked on the bill and can be returned. The new method even allows the seasoned performer to do this surrounded.

The real treat on this DVD is “Ultra Peeler”. This is Mark Allen’s improvement of Paul’s effect from Art of Astonishment. Using a method based on “UV Nightshades” you have an amazing revelation. This unique peeled and restored card effect is better than Nightshades in my opinion. I also believe it is only a small example of what can be accomplished using this method.

You are also given the necessary item to perform a third effect “Ultra Spin”. It is a nice handling for causing a borrowed pen to spin. The method is not new but the handling given is “Ultra” clean and the moves are orchestrated beautifully.

My biggest complaint is the almost amateur production. Poor editing and camera work were only exacerbated by the poor performance and mediocre but adequate explanation.

If you are a fan of Paul Harris’ quirkiness this is a great value. If any one of these effects are of interest for you to perform you are getting a good buy.
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Product info for UV Nightshades

Author: Mark Allen and Paul Harris
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

You borrow a dollar and draw a tiny pair of ink sunglasses over George's eyes. You cleanly showed both hands to be absolutely empty, then hold the bill by its extreme edge. There's a moment of silence...then suddenly the shades come to life! The drawing of the glasses VISIBLY leap off George's eyes and up to his forehead! The astonishing animation of the cartoon shades happens in full view...with absolutely no cover of any kind! The borrowed bill is immediately handed back for examination...the shades are indeed permanently inked onto George's furrowed brow.

  • Easier, cleaner and 100% more visual than Paul's original Improv Nightshades
  • Use any borrowed dollar
  • No palming
  • No switches
  • Instant reset
  • Perform surrounded
  • Works with most foreign currencies that have a face
  • Draw a head with shades on a piece of paper or business card and do the exact same effect!

Plus Two Ultra Visual Bonus Effect

Ultra Peeler - Mark Allen's exquisite up-grade of Paul's peeled and restored playing card from AOA.

Ultra Spin - Mark Allen's perfected method for causing a BORROWED pen to supernaturally spin.

Comes complete with DVD, cool gimmicks and everything needed (except the dollar) to assemble your very own Ultra Visual Nightshades.

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