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Accidental Discovery Review

Official Review

June 25th, 2008 12:37am
Reviewed by Scott Brown
After an on and off appreciation for Kenton Knepper, especially Wonder Words, I was excited to see this release. As “Tank’s Accidental Discovery” was taken from that work, I fantasized about new insights and verbal subtleties. Unfortunately it was just a DVD version of the work on the Wonder Words CD; no real changes or breakthroughs. Should you be unfamiliar with Wonder Words or bold verbal deceptions, this might be a good visual way to be exposed to it. Other than that, I am not convinced there was a need for this product.

Wonder Words is a fantastic product that every mystery performer should benefit from, however it should not be sold out piecemeal! If you are looking for an affordable taste of WW before the big purchase, go ahead. However, my smart money is save your bucks and put it towards the Wonder Words CD set.
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Author: Tank
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Manufacturer's Description:

A card is freely selected and shuffled into a deck. A spectator only thinks of a place where they want their card to appear. Without the spectator saying a word, the performer reaches under a saltshaker and produces the card. The spectator admits this is correct.

Imagine: A person chooses a card and thinks of where they want it to be discovered. The performer removes their card from wherever the person is only thinking about!

For the first time ever you will see all of the work behind this classic effect from Wonder Words. Now you can even use multiple cards, and never miss!

One spectator's card may even end up in a place the second spectator thinks about, while the first card comes from somewhere else entirely.

This has become a close up favorite for both Kenton Knepper and Tank. A devious mix of psychology and words, plus new handling, makes this a surefire hit!

Running Time Approximately 24min

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