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Chinese Choice Review

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July 13th, 2008 11:03pm
Reviewed by Christian
Chinese Choice by John Archer is another reworking of Szechuan Sampler. The two versions differ in methodology and presentation. John’s is aimed more at comedy and Szechaun Sampler is a straight forward prediction effect. Which is better depends on your presentational skills and character.

Szechuan Sampler tends to be more logical in its presentation.
Chinese Choice has a pleasant surprise kicker.

I would be more apt to use Szechaun as a closer as opposed to Chinese Choice. However, Chinese Choice has more room for comedy.

Chinese Choice comes with all the materials you will need and they are well made. The choice is yours.

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Author: John Archer and Alakazam Magic
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Now is your chance to perform one of the most talked about routines from the critically acclaimed "Educating Archer" DVD. John Archer's Chinese Choice is not just a trick - it is a powerhouse of a routine that blends comedy and mentalism to perfection.

If the name John Archer is not enough to make you buy this effect immediately then read on to find out more about this eagerly anticipated release...


Three spectators are brought on stage and invited to take a traditional Chinese meal in a way they used to do thousands of years ago...

You explain that the ancient Chinese were great mathematicians and believers in numerology. Often numbers were used to help make even the most mundane of choices. Why else would all the items on a Chinese menu be numbered? Hence you explain that you are going to show them how the ancient Chinese would decide what to do when going out for a meal.

One of the spectators is given a small packet of plastic number cards to shuffle. They now choose one person who will be in charge of the menu, while the other two are in charge of setting the amount they will pay for the meal.

The menu is shown as representing the restaurant they will visit. The three spectators are given three cards each and two of them take turns to make up three two-digit numbers.

These two digit numbers are added together to arrive at a total and a decimal point is added to form a price to spend on the meal - but alas! It is incredibly low! 1.65! The prospect of a good meal does not look hopeful!

The third spectator now adds up his three cards to come up with a number, to represent a dish on the menu. When they check out the menu they see that all other menu items are normal, however item number 15 is an "Eat as much as you like buffet for three people, cost - 1.65."

Comes complete with two custom printed menus (a large one for stage and a pocket sized version for close up), a set of plastic number cards, and full instructions & routine.

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