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Twisted Review

Official Review

July 12th, 2008 1:32am
Reviewed by Christian
From the every fertile mind of Andrew Mayne comes “Twisted”. Essentially, it is another version of the mismade bill. This version seemingly allows you to borrow a bill, have them sign it, rip it, restore it incorrectly, still show them their signature, then refold it and show it back to normal, and finally, give it back.

That’s it. If that sounds like something you want to do then this DVD will deliver that effect. As with all the DVDs I have seen from Andrew Mayne this one is well made and easily understood. Everything is laid out for you and throughly explained.

I find this good, but not outstanding. You cannot hand out the twisted bill for examination but you are able to show it somewhat freely. My problem is that if you have just created a very strange looking bill that has my signature on it, I want to feel it. I want to hold it. But alas you cannot. Andrew does show how to construct a mismade bill that you can give out without signatures. However, I am not convinced that a reasonably curious spectator will not be able to deconstruct this bill.

Other than that small complaint everything Andrew gives you is first class and it does work as explained.

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Author: Andrew Mayne
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Manufacturer's Description:

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A borrowed bill is signed on both ends by a spectator and then ripped in half. The magician attempts to put it back together but accidentally restores the bill in a mis-made twisted state with half the bill facing the wrong way! The signatures are plainly visible on either side! He finally restores the bill back to its original condition.

Twisted allows you to perform both a torn and restored and a mis-made bill effect using a borrowed bill that can be signed by a spectator. It's easy to master and can be performed anytime anywhere.

*Special Bonus: The Remixed Bill - Learn Andrew's quick and easy mis-made bill effect where you give away a twisted bill!

Featuring clear step-by-step instructions including performer point of view angles.

Presented in Widescreen.

Running Time Approximately 26min

"Twisted adds a whole new dimension to the bill change. Now it's visual! You create an impossible object and then fix it right before their eyes. And the ability to do it with a signed bill fooled me!"
- Joshua Jay

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