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Shalosh : Stage Work Review

Official Review

July 8th, 2008 10:57pm
Reviewed by Christian
Nimrod Harel is from Israel. He has his own mentalism show on television. This is his second book called Shalosh, Hebrew for three. This book is oriented for stage work. It is a well made 64 page, paper back book.

I am assuming Hebrew is Nimrod’s first language. However, many English speakers could take a lesson on the nice and succinct writing style contained within this tome.

There are only three effects but they are well written and well thought out. A roulette game played with staple guns, add a number effect, and a bank night effect are the mainstay of the book. They are all classics to be sure but Nimrod has definitely put his personality and spin on each one of them.

I know from the internet chatter that many people were intrigued by his Bank Night effect. It is a bold and in your face presentation. It is also not for the faint of heart. The add a number effect will take some experience and audience management. This is not for the beginner. The staple gun effect will also take some audience management and as Nimrod stated is not fool proof. He admits he has “stapled himself”.

The effects in this book are for advanced performers and will take practice and rehearsal to perform correctly. If you feel you are advanced enough then the high price for this book is worth it. If you are still new to mentalism then you will be wasting your money on this book.

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Author: Nimrod Harel
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Manufacturer's Description:

Nimrod Harel is one of the busiest mentalists in the world. He has his own television show ('Inconceivable') which has just completed its fourth season, and he performs daily before company audiences with his original mentalist show.

After his first booklet "SHALOSH" SOLD OUT!!! Now comes his second book: SHALOSH - STAGE WORK .

Limited Edition - ONLY 444 copies printed - so hurry up before there are no more. Each book is numbered!

'Fire at Will' - A clean as a whistle Russian Roulette act using a staple gun. The audience sees one gun loaded and fired and then mixed with three other guns. Then the game begins as the volunteer chooses freely which of the guns will be fired, until the last gun is proven to be the loaded gun. There are no notes, no pre-show or other lowly mental magic diversions- only the guns and free choice. No Russian roulette act with staple guns being performed today even comes close to the simplicity and perfection of this routine.

BIBLE - Anyone who performs 'Add a Number' with a calculator must see what Harel does with this classic. How can you allow the audience to do the last calculation in their heads? How can you set the entire crowd in motion? And most importantly, how can you incorporate company values into your show? This is a must for anyone working with company clients or interested in subliminal message routine themes.

Clean Game - The end of all Bank Night routines. The volunteer hides a cheque or bill inside one of five numbered envelopes. At no point does the mentalist get near the envelopes or make eye contact with them, either before or after the cheque is put in, and yet he knows which envelope is the one with the money. There are no gimmicks of any kind. Clean, clean, clean. You will laugh out loud reading about this method. A television stage performance is attached.

Bonus: For the first time, Harel reveals the secret behind his Nail Gun Routine, which was performed by Eran Raven in 'Phenomenon' and gives general permission to anyone wishing to use it in their stage or television performances. This routine is utterly devoid of gimmicks and can be executed with almost all nail guns with no preparation at all. Another example of ingenuity.

The presentation of these effects is adapted to large audiences (50-1000 people), they are incredibly practical (less than 60 second preparation time), is untainted with any mental magic and all fits inside a suitcase. This is a rare opportunity to get acquainted with one of the most successful and creative mentalists alive today. A must for any professional mentalist.

Pages 62 - Softbound

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