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Lottery Card Review

Official Review

June 26th, 2008 4:39pm
Reviewed by Christian
Many magicians experiment with a lottery card prediction principle; this is another permutation of that concept. It is cute and it is fun. It is not ground breaking or ultra amazing. If you are an already competent card magician then this trick will take very little time to learn.

This is the type of trick I would have bought back in my restaurant days. It is perfect for those patrons who are there every night you perform and you need some fresh material for them. I doubt this will be a staple of your performing repertoire in general but it is a cute, simple piece when you need something a little different.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

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Author: Peter Eggink
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100% guaranteed wining chance with "Lottery Card"!


A spectator is asked to participate in a little "gambling test" to see if he or she has a "Hot Hand" or a sixth sense for winning if you will.

The magicians shows a deck of cards, and the spectator is asked to select a card. Let's assume the spectator chooses the Queen of clubs.

The magician continues and states that the spectator's selection was actually predicted by the magician. The prediction, so the magician claims, is the card itself! OK, not that impressive...But wait! The magician takes out a coin (which can be borrowed) and starts to scratch off the top layer of the back of the spectator's card to reveal the text: "Congratulations, you chose the Queen of Clubs"!!

Finally, the card is visually and magically restored to its original condition!

  • Easy to do!
  • Instant reset!
  • Perfect for Walk-around!
Lottery Card comes complete with 2 special gaffs on Bicycle stock and instructions.

Each unit contains 2 cards with the same back color, with different outcomes.

Note: Available in RED and BLUE backs. Choice of color not an option.

"Peter Eggink has done it again! This time while you are scratching the back of the chosen card, your spectators will be in disbelief, scratching their heads! Great idea Peter!"
-Peter Loughran

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