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Lady Travels Review

Official Review

May 30th, 2008 2:35pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
The Lady Travels is a version of card-in-impossible-location that uses a torn corner (instead of a signature, for example) to verify the authenticity of the selected card. There are many versions of this trick, of course, so for me the essential question is whether or not this one is any better.

Well, maybe it is. Not to sound too much like a relativist, but it does depend on your definition of "better." Every method has its downsides and positives, right? The method you'll find in Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic, for example, leaves you dirty with a torn corner to dispose of. In The Lady Travels, you're still dirty, but in a different way. In the classic method, you can use any card that suits your performance. In The Lady Travels, you must use the Queen of Hearts, but this is justified in the suggested script that Kenton describes.

Apparently, an earlier version of this product included written instructions, but now you get a DVD instead, along with a $10 price increase. The DVD is of acceptable quality, so no complaints in that regard, but I found it to be overkill. This trick is not at all complicated, and the one move that might benefit from additional instruction and finesse is glossed over by Kenton in the demonstration and explanation. And, in detriment to my reaction to the trick, not performed very convincingly either. (I don't want to reveal too much, so lets just say it has to do with creating the corner.)

You'll get three gimmicks, which should last you more than a lifetime. The Lady Travels is definitely workable, and you'll have no problem learning it, you just need to decide if you're so unhappy with the classic methods that this one is worth the trouble and expense.

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Product info for Lady Travels

Author: Kenton Knepper
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $25.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Just like the original, but now on DVD for easier to understand and many EXTRA tips!

A card is chosen and the corner is torn and given to a spectator to hold.

You make a magical gesture and EACH AND EVERY card in the deck is shown to be whole.

The selected card is clearly gone. You now point to an "impossible" location and have the spectator retrieve what he finds...


Not just that, but the corner matches EXACTLY. And the best part - NO CORNER SWITCHING AND NO PALMING.

This truly is an impossible location with a torn card. Clean and easy to d - pure Kenton Wizardry as usual!

Includes special gaffed cards.

Running Time Approximately 14min

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