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PK Finger (25mm) Review

Official Review

June 21st, 2008 9:46pm
Reviewed by Christian
I don’t want to waste a lot of time talking about this one. Especially, since my review will likely be longer than the instruction sheet you receive with the effect. There are so many things wrong with this “trick” it is difficult to know where to begin.

First the effect requires a magnet. The magnet needs to be connected to your finger. The method the author has come up with is to tape it to your finger with some flesh colored tape. (provided) I do not know how many performances you will get out of your one piece of flesh colored tape, but my guess is . . . not many. Additionally, it is not even a good method. Seriously, taped to your finger? Why not purchase a PK ring?

There are two poker chips provided that the magic happens to. The poker chips are nothing I am familiar with. Perhaps this is what they look like in Japan, (where the trick is made) but for American audiences it will look odd.

Additionally, the handling for the trick, explained in the instructions, sounds quite lack luster. No presentation or premise is given for performing the trick. It is a “watch this” kind of effect. It is not very exciting, it is not a new concept, and the handling is clumsy at best.

You can pass on this one. I would suggest you purchase Steve Duskek’s Lethal Tender for a much better effect.
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Author: Kreis Magic- Trick
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A 10-dollar chip and a 100-dollar chip are displayed. Then, the chips are put on a spectator's hand. The magician picks a court card from a packet of cards. Tapping the 100-dollar chip with the card, it changes to a Dollar coin.

The supplied magnet can be used for other purposes as well. With this magnet, you can use your own ring just like a PK ring.

Comes complete with curved magnet (US size 11.5/ Inner Diameter 25mm), $10 and $100 chips, flesh colored tape and instruction sheet.

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