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The Rosini Secret Review

Official Review

June 5th, 2008 12:10pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
This 20 page booklet (I'm not counting the pages with ads for other Docc Hilford products) was surprising for me in several different ways. Firstly, unlike some of his other booklets, this material is neither sketchy nor inadequately described. In fact, the booklet has very few typos and the photos are helpful and instructive.

I am also pleased with the practicality of the method, and the tips and advice that Hilford inspired me to begin working on routine using an unusual divination deck that has been languishing in my storage closet.

But there is the issue of the price, isn't there? If ever there were a textbook example of "it's the information that you're paying for," this is it. I can't escape feeling that someone like Richard Busch would have done an even more thorough job of teaching and exploring its usage. Yes, Docc did spell most words correctly, but at the price of over $2 per page, I would like to see more meat on the bones, so to speak. Given that the provenance of this material is questionable (that is, it's not certain that this is truly Rosini's secret method) and there hasn't been much effort to go beyond what we should regard as minimally acceptable (grammar, spelling, and clear instruction) I think that only the very serious and well-heeled student will want to invest in The Rosini Secret. Those who convince themselves the cost is worth it, will likely be pleased with that they learn.

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Author: Docc Hilford
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Ultimate in Close-up Billet Reading


A small piece of paper is torn from a menu. A participant writes a brief question on the blank side of the paper and folds it. The mentalist uses a deck of cards in their box as a little tray to display the folded paper. The folded paper is returned to the participant. The cards are removed from the box and shuffled by the sitter. She removes five cards and they're returned to the box and put away.

As far as the mentalist is concerned EVERYTHING IS DONE!

The folded paper is burned and the mentalist reveals the spectator's question through his interpretation of the five chosen cards.

The mentalist undetectably switched the paper for AN EXACT DUPLICATE and read the question without any moves. THE SPECIAL CARD BOX DOES EVERYTHING!

Just let the sitter drop her billet on the card box and with it seemingly in view at all times, the billet is automatically switched. As the cards are removed and replaced in the box, you openly read the message!

You learn how to gimmick any card box with a few minutes of work and some basic tools like scissors and glue.

A great feature is that everything resets almost automatically, preparing you for the next table if you do restaurant work. You can tear a corner from a placemat or menu to use a billet, WITHOUT HAVING TO HAVE DUPLICATE BILLETS PREVIOUSLY PREPARED.

The read can be done completely surrounded and without additional props. No "turning away" or "looking into the crystal". All you need is a box of unprepared playing cards, an impromptu billet and the Rosini Secret!

Pages 24 - Saddle Stitched, B&W

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