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Ring Thing, The Review

May 29th, 2008 10:33pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
My first tip about this product is that you should be careful not to confuse it with another of the same name. If you're ordering via the mail, make sure your dealer is aware of this unfortunately similarity too.

This "The Ring Thing" is an 11 minute DVD, most of which is bonus material. The trick itself is clever and simple. But its so lightweight that if the disc weren't padded with extras, it would be shorter than a commercial break on VH1. Most of these extras can be summed up as "you can perform many effects in Bobo's Modern Coin Magic using a ring, instead of a coin." Thanks for the news flash.

Don't get me wrong, the trick that Tank teaches is interesting, but it's a throwaway, and I think would have been better suited for a magazine article instead of a $25 DVD. You can perform it with most, but not all, rings. (The word to describe a suitable ring, which Tank was grasping for in the video, is "symmetrical," by the way.) So, in conclusion, this The Ring Thing is not junk, but it's certainly no bargain either.

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Author: Tank
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Manufacturer's Description:

This has been a popular effect for Tank among laypeople. A finger ring worn and shown by the performer slowly and openly melts off the performer's finger as he wears it.

The ring is normal and may be entirely examinable. One moment the ring is on the performer's finger, and the next it is slowly pulled down through two fingers and off the performer's hand.

Nothing else required other than a fingering. No difficult sleights or palming at all.

Plus: Learn bonus effects with fingerings, including a favorite of Kenton Knepper.

Impromptu, quick and eye catching, The Ring Thing is very easy to do - anywhere!

Running Time Approximately 11min

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