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Instinct Review

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June 19th, 2008 11:29am
Reviewed by Christian
Instinct is another variation of death monte. This one revolves around placing a large intimidating nail under one of 4 Styrofoam cups. Up front, I will tell you that this is a clever method. It should also be noted that it is not fool proof. Very close to it, but not entirely.

Matthew Mello does a good job of explaining it and shows an alternate method of using the same concept in an entertaining and completely safe way. I really liked that one.

Now, for my issues with this DVD. In the performance section of this DVD Matthew is shown performing this effect at a magic shop for two children. Yes, children. One of them looks to be about 8. Is this really the effect I want to show children?? Additionally, he performs this on the floor. If I am about to perform a miracle, one that is putting my health on the line, I would at least like the benefit of a table. It just looks clumsy on the floor.

Additionally, during the explanation of the effect, it feels as though there is no script. It seems as though Matthew is just casually talking his way through the effect. You do learn the effect and he does cover all the points, but come on, script!

There are some presentational ideas given, but no real script or presentation for the effect. Why am I doing this? Why am I risking my health for this effect? No reason is given by Matthew, so it would seem like nothing more than a stunt by most viewers.

I think this DVD could have been greatly improved by consulting with or working with a more experienced magician. Matthew is a clever guy, but he is young. A more experience magician could have helped Matthew smooth out some of the rough edges of this DVD and make him look like a star.

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Author: Matthew Mello
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From the co-creator of Bullet, comes a revolutionary approach to the Russian roulette. This has been claimed by many to be the end-all of Russian Roulettes....find out why!!!!


A nail is hidden under 1 of 4 cups. The mentalist turns away as the spectator mixes. He turns around and slams his hand down on 3 of the cups leaving the nail cup UNTOUCHED.

Imagine being able to perform this effect with:

  • No Gimmicks!
  • No Peeks!
  • No Forces!
  • No Equivoke!
  • ANY small object can be used!
  • Magician/Spectator NEVER marks the cups!
  • Everything can be Borrowed!
As a bonus, you will also be learning Matthew's signature truth teller/liar routine...Impulse.

WARNING: This effect should only be purchased/performed if you are over the age of 18. By purchasing/watching this DVD, you are taking full responsibility for yourself and others if you decide to perform this effect.

"Great for Impromptu...Good Thinking"
-Andrew Gerard (Consultant for Criss Angel)

"This will serve the magic community and workers long after we're all gone. There is nothing to ever carry with you, except the know how. You will keep the method etched in your mind f o r e v e r."
-Nick Verna

"I think the concept is excellent and the method is quite clever."
-Marc DeSouza

Running Time Approximately 31min

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