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Water To Beer - DVD Review

Official Review

June 18th, 2008 10:43am
Reviewed by Christian
Water to Beer is an interesting concept and explored on a DVD by Who’s Magic. Like all the DVDs that I have looked at by Who’s Magic it did not work on any of my computers (PC’s and Apples) with any of my video players. Once again, I have to go use my television DVD player.

The concept works by using a product that you don’t know exists. There is virtually no presentation given except for, “Watch this”. If you could change water into beer, there has got to be some excellent ideas for making this seem like a miracle beyond, “Watch this”.

The production values of the DVD are below average, which amazingly makes this better than most DVDs I have watched from Who’s Magic. The author does offer a few different technical handlings of the trick, but beyond that, it is a simple bare bones, here’s how to make this work.

On the up side, if you do want to be able to turn water into beer, then this effect should work. However, it should be noted that the beer you create will be non-alcoholic.

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What would be if you could perform real magic?

Imagine if you could take someone's water and instantly turn it into beer.

Borrow a spectator's glass of water and watch their face as their drink changes to beer. That's right! The spectator can immediately taste the beverage! They'll be shocked!

This is one of the greatest miracles ever.

An innovative effect that is simple to perform but with devastating reactions. You have no idea of the psychological impact of such routine.

The DVD teaches you in detail two different handlings, and how to setup the effect that your audience will be talking about for the rest of their lives.

To beer or not to beer?

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