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Disintigration Review

Official Review

June 12th, 2008 10:59am
Reviewed by Christian
Disintigration is a revisit to the old ashes on arm effect. The entire DVD is dedicated to that concept. They’re main take on this is having the message show up on the spectator’s arm. Although it is novel, other performers have also explored this concept.

The DVD is well made and the instructions are quite clear. I believe that Bergeron and Spidey worked to make this a quality DVD. However, if you are going to devote an entire DVD to one effect, I would like more history and crediting. They also did not offer much in the way of presentation of the effect. It is just displayed as a bare bones, message appears on your arm.

In the DVD you do get to see an actual presentation with a live audience. That’s always nice. They also offer a great deal of variations. I find that to be another bonus.

Overall, I am happy with the DVD. I would like to seem them in the future spend more time on the history of the effect they are presenting. There is no doubt that this is a strong effect. But they spent no time on the presentation of this effect. I believe this to be of vital importance to an effect of this nature. Once they have decided to teach this effect there is an inherent responsibility to make sure your teaching includes all facets of the effect. Presentation is a very important one. A lesser experience magician could easily take this effect and make it look like nothing more than a stunt based on how this effect was taught on the DVD.

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Author: Spidey and PL Bergeron
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The Ashes on Arm has always been one of the best tricks that a magician can do to an audience, but for as long as the trick has existed the revelation has always been on the magicians own arm.

Disintigration allows you to walk up to a crowd of people you have never met, alone with no set up and have their thoughts appear on their own arm. This DVD is a detailed explanation of the devious method behind disintigration as well as a list of alternate handlings and variations. The explanations include a discussion of the various substances that can be used instead of the ashes (like table pepper for those magicians who do table magic). The DVD also includes modifications of the original handling to suit your personal style as well as variations to be able to do the trick under different settings or different working conditions.

You will learn how to have a spectator think of someone's initials, a playing card, a number, a symbol etc... And have that thought revealed on their own arm, and the best part is Disintigration uses:


Running Time Approximately 40min

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