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Tac Tics Review

Official Review

May 28th, 2008 12:00pm
Reviewed by James Sanden
The magician holds a coin at his right fingertips and an empty Tic Tac box in his left. Tapping the box with the coin three times, the coin instantly and visually penetrates into the Tic Tac box.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with this effect, there are a number of serious problems with the product. I’ll start with the method to vanish the coin, not because it doesn’t work, but because Mr. Egginton did not come up with it, nor did he offer any original thoughts, suggestions or ideas regarding the method. In fact, the method he uses is the one you would come up with if I were to ask you how you would vanish a coin if you didn’t have to worry about reset, didn’t mind wardrobe restrictions, and didn’t care about getting into the vanish or out of it.

The fact that Mr. Egginton uses a very old method with no creative application isn’t the only problem. He also neglects to discuss critical topics like: adjusting the gimmick, setting up for the effect and resetting after. Even worse, his explanation of how to perform Tac Tics with a borrowed coin is relegated to a scrolling line of text on the bottom of the screen. I find it insulting that he couldn’t be bothered to make up a second gimmick and demonstrate its use.

The vanish aside, what else does this DVD have to offer? Unfortunately, not much. Causing a coin to penetrate a Tic Tac box is not particularly innovative, and the method is far from clever. If you want a clever trick with a Tic Tax box, check out Cameron Francis’ “Fresh Mint.” In fact, if you want a method to create the exact same visual effect as “Tac Tics,” but impromptu, check out “Catapult” by Brian Platt. Not only is the method Mr. Platt offers far superior, but “Catapult” is a bargain. Compared to the one trick, one DVD product that is “Tac Tics,” “Catapult” is a two DVD set containing multiple versions of the effect, plus 16 other applications and additional effects.

And I haven’t even mentioned the lack of rehearsal, scripting or knowledge of what “white balance” is, let alone how important it is in video production.

In essence, Mr. Egginton took an already published effect and created an inferior, impractical method for it. This is the worst product I have reviewed to date. If you like the idea of causing a coin to penetrate into a Tic Tac box, either take 5 minutes to come up with your own, probably superior method, or buy “Catapult.” Whatever you do, don’t buy “Tac Tics.” Products of this quality should not be encouraged.
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Product info for Tac Tics

Author: Jonathan Egginton
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Manufacturer's Description:

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A tic tac box is shown empty all the way around. You take the coin and slam it on the tic tac box. You can see and hear the coin melting through the plastic and end up inside the container. Your hands are clean after the coin penetrates the box. Immediately give away the box with the coin inside to your spectator. There's nothing to find out. Your spectators can keep the tic tac with the coin trapped inside. Forget everything you have seen.
This is: Pure.Visual. Magic.

  • Easy to do
  • 100% examinable
  • No holes in the box
  • Can be performed surrounded
  • You end up clean
  • Give away the tic tac with the coin!
The effect is simple and very effective. Anyone can perform this truly amazing miracle.

The DVD features UK's successful performer Jonathan Egginton teaching the most VISUAL coin through tic tac box EVER. Period.

Note from Manufacturer: "Since producing this DVD we have found that Brain Platt published a similar effect on another DVD. We believe our method to be original and any similarity to Mr. Platt's effect is purely coincidental."

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