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The Osterlind Trilogy Review

Official Review

June 10th, 2008 3:52pm
Reviewed by Christian
I love books on magic theory, in the last 10 years a glut of books on theory have hit the market. The problem is most of them have been bad, really bad. Oh, there are a few that are stand outs, Strong Magic and Maximum Entertainment to name a couple. But the vast majority have been weak attempts at pontification by either the very inexperienced or the very young.

If you are going to write a book on the theory of the performance of magic, please, at least be someone that has been bloodied in the trenches and someone who has long passed puberty. As I picked up The Osterlind Trilogy, I was not overly excited. I was ready to be let down. Yes, I know Richard Osterlind is a professional performer, yes, I know he has enough years on him to qualify for someone whom might have gained wisdom; I had just grown weary of poor theory books.

I needn’t have worried. The book was marvelous. It is well written, well thought out, and a pleasure to the cerebral thinker. The chapters are short but have plenty for you to mull over. I found myself nodding at many points thinking, “Great concept”. I am not saying I agreed with everything the author stated, but even when I disagreed it made me think. And that is the mark of a good theory book.

Even though Richard Osterlind is known as a mentalist any magician would learn a great deal from this book. It is written for the mystery performer. I made copious notes in the margins as I read through it. I am sure I will read through it again in the near future.

Richard challenges the reader to think about why they are performing the miracles they do. I will quote one part of the book to illustrate the powerful thinking that it contains:

“How often has an audience member asked you, “Can you change my one dollar bill into a hundred?” or “Can you tell me what tomorrow’s winning lottery number will be?” or “Can you make my wife disappear?” These trivial remarks meant as silly jokes still imply, “If you are a magician, do something that’s useful.”

I think this book is a real gem. Highly recommended.

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