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Archangel Review

Official Review

June 5th, 2008 12:10pm
Reviewed by Christian
Archangel is a well though out 3 phase routine using keys. Keys are an inherently interesting prop to laymen and this routine takes advantage of that interest. The first phase is a simple prediction phase that gets your audience focused on the next piece of magic, key bend that happens while they hold the key. The third phase of this effect the key seems to vanish and end up in the magician’s pocket on a key chain.

I like magic that is well thought out and goes beyond, “Hey, here’s an idea!” Nicholas Bengtson has worked this methodology all the way through. The trick comes with a well made 16 page booklet. It has plenty of pictures to explain everything thoroughly. The last few pages offer alternative handlings. The only thing that would have made this better is a DVD. Of course, maybe I am just getting lazy. You will have to purchase or obtain your own keys for the effect but based on the kind of trick it is, I believe this to be reasonable. They keys do have to fit your performing style.

It was enjoyable for me to read through a trick that is made to entertain and mystify. I can easily recommend this effect for any one who wants to add a key bend to their performing list. I will warn you that it will take some practice. It is not overly difficult but some of the moves will take some work to perform properly. Nice effect and price.

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Author: The Enchantment
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $24.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

A Complete Performance in your Pocket!

From The Enchantment, the creator of the highly successful Dreamweaver, comes another Anytime, Anywhere, multi-phase routine that is destine to be a classic. Archangel is the culmination of three highly commercial effects seamlessly implemented into one finely-tuned routine that is as amazing as it is memorable.

3 Keys - One Door
A member of the audience becomes faced with a difficult decision when she must choose between three keys. With a completely free choice, her decision proves to be the very key the performer predicted days before the routine began. A three-out effect so easy and convenient to carry. Unlock the door and enter the next phase…

Arching Key
Under test conditions, an ordinary key is signed/initialed by an audience member. This marked key is then held by the spectator and performer at each end of the key. Without any moves, the key begins to melt and bend in their hands. The signed key is then released and left in the spectator's hand clearly bent down the middle. There has never been a key bend as pure and straightforward as this…while held by the spectator no less.

Angel Flight
End your performance with a real crowd pleaser, and one of the most impossible flight effects ever devised. In a blink of the eye, the signed bent key completely vanishes only to be found hanging on the keyring of the performer's keychain. Not a ring flight, but a key flight - which makes sense! The key is 100% on the keychain and is removed by the spectator!

This is truly high caliber material that has bewildered some of the keenest minds in the business. Whether you are a magician or a mentalist, this is a hard-hitting affair that will raise your craft to a higher level. Requires you to supply your own keys, as after each performance you will be giving away a truly memorable souvenir in an impossible condition. Included in the book is a surplus of extra advice and additional performances. Including, a key flight where the signed bent key is found on the performer's keychain that has been in full view on the table the entire routine!

Don't forget the best part. The entire routine is self-contained on the special keychain and is ALWAYS ready to perform without even a moments notice. So the next time someone asks you to show them something, don't just do a trick, put on an entire show!

  • Self Contained
  • Resets in Seconds
  • No Jacket or Sleeves Required
  • Totally Examinable
  • Anytime, Anywhere Worker

Mentalism, metal bending and a flight all on one keychain!
Archangel is a real world routine you will have with you the rest of your life.

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