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Spookey (w/DVD) Review

Official Review

May 27th, 2008 2:25pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
I have admit that I was disinclined to like Spookey because of my initial experience with the contents of the DVD. It begins with a context-free stunt-magic presentation where everyone is shown from the neck down, ensuring that its impossible to develop any interest in the people onscreen. Then, in the section called "Performances," the viewer is treated to a long parade of moves backed with a repetitive soundtrack where each move is repeated twice by the silent, headless magician.

But by the time I was half-way through the remaining sections, which consists of the personable Sankey explaining each of the erroneously-labled "performance" sequences, I had a change of heart. Although I think the price might be slightly high for this piece, the amount of detail and quality of presentation in this disc is impressive. It might seem like you're getting a simple linking keys trick, but what Sankey delivers is enough to satisfy even the most obsessive-compulsive personality. I have to admit that I didn't watch the whole DVD, it was too mind-numbing, but I watched enough to know that the quality of the instruction is solid and worthwhile if you're deeply interested in this trick.

As with Killer Key, the provided props are blank (uncut) keys. For me, this just creates suspicion by turning an everyday object into an implausible item. (Who but a magician would carry an uncut key with them?) In the performance video, you'll note that Sankey does not perform with uncut keys either. It's unfortunate that he has put the extra expense and hassle of having them cut onto the purchaser.

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Author: Jay Sankey
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Manufacturer's Description:

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Two keys are closely examined, immediately linked and unlinked several times, and the last super visual unlink happens IN THE SPECTATOR'S OWN HANDS! And again, both keys can be completely examined!

You can even perform astounding links and unlinks with a BORROWED key! Or a borrowed finger ring, drinking straw and reading glasses!

This is "street magic" at its very best! So much more than a single routine, SPOOKEY is an amazing collection of magical techniques including the Shuttle Pass, Flying Shuttle Pass, Two Key Acquitment, Thumb Palm Switch, Bobo Switch, One Hand Link, Holy Breath Link, Toss Off, Twist Off, Slow Dissolve and the Ultimate Unlink (an insanely visual technique where the SPECTATOR unlinks the two keys!)

You will even learn a collection of "Advanced Techniques" including the Spin Convincer, Free Fall Unlink and the HPC Unlink!

It's the perfect effect to seriously ASTOUND PEOPLE in the street, in the bar, at school or a house party. And thanks to the wild variety of techniques, with SPOOKEY the mind-blowing possibilities are truly unlimited!

Comes complete with everything you will need including keys and an exciting instructional DVD!

Running Time Approximately 67min

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