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Esoteric Review

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June 2nd, 2008 12:25am
Reviewed by Christian
You should know that this DVD is in French. There is a voice over in English that does a fine job of translation. I was able to easily understand everything being demonstrated or said on the DVD. The DVD’s focus is on card magic, but not just playing cards. Gerard Bakner also uses Rune Cards and Tarot Cards.

I watched the DVD twice. Why? I thought perhaps I was influenced unfairly by the lack of enthusiasm by the spectators in the DVD or perhaps the single unwavering, straight on camera shot. The myopic videography combined with the voice over and sterile looking volunteers made one reach for a triple espresso to keep from falling into a coma.

After my second viewing, however, I felt that the effects were not exciting. Even after watching the DVD twice there is no single effect that sticks out in my mind. There was a lot of shuffling, counting, and dividing into piles. Much of it felt contrived to me. Mr. Bakner did have stories and frames for most of the effects but none that seemed compelling.

I will say everything is explained well. The effects all seem to work. He does explore the idea of using other kinds of cards. I simply was not excited by anything I had seen. This could be a simple matter of taste. If you are a mentalism or weird magic fanatic you might have some fun here. If you are simply looking for some close up mentalism routines to add to your show, I would think you will find more suitable routines elsewhere.

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Author: Gerard Bakner
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People are always fascinated by esoteric. In this DVD, Gerard Bakner teach you 13 tricks in the field of esoterism using rune stones, tarot cards, voodoo phenomenon, Nostradamus predictions, stones, diaries etc.


The mentalist puts four cards face down on the table. A spectator takes a rune stone and places it on one of the cards. The choice is totally free. The sign on the card matches the one on the stone.

7 Stones

A little bag is laid on the table in front of 7 different stones. The spectator chooses one of these stones. This stone matches the stone in the little bag.


The mentalist draws a hand on a pad and a stain on the hand. The stain is then magically transferred on the spectator's closed hand. Gerard Bakner teaches you a new way of doing the classic "ashes on the hand" trick with no ashes, everything is self-contained. It's a perfect trick for the walk-around magic.


The mentalist talks about a Nostradamus's prediction. 22 tarot cards are shuffled by a spectator. 3 cards are then selected. These cards are shown and match the prediction.

Diary #1, Diary #2 and Diary #3

Two very clean ways to do the diary trick: from a shuffled deck of playing cards, a day is selected. The spectator looks in a diary, on each day is written a different card. On the selected day, the written card matches the prediction card contained in the diary.

The Lenormand Cards Deck

Experience the mysteries of the Lenormand cards deck. In this full multiple-phase routine, effects and coincidences happen one after the others.

Other Effects Include:

  • Past Present Future
  • B
  • In The Mirror
  • A Splendid Day
  • Lotto
Running Time Approximately 1hr 20min

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