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Black Moon Review

Official Review

May 31st, 2008 4:13pm
Reviewed by Christian
Black Moon simple did not excite me for many reasons. First, very few American audiences know anything at all about the Chinese Zodiac, which this trick is centered around. Even as I sit here writing this, I am unaware of my own Chinese Zodiac sign. I bet you are too.

Second, to find out a person’s Chinese Zodiac sign, you will have to ask her (a woman) what year she was born. You could easily be in treacherous waters with a question like that. I would prefer not to put myself in these types of situations. You will also have to explain the I-Ching and the Yin-Yang symbols on the coins. Later she will be looking up the meaning of some of her actions in a handy little booklet you have.

There will need to be a lot of explaining to make this trick work. Just to be fair, let’s say its worth it. You don’t mind being long winded to make a multiple prediction about things that most Americans will find foreign. Now we get to my next set of problems.

The principle of this effect works on a type of swami/out to lunch principle. The first problem is the swami(ed ) mark looks a little suspect. Docc does suggest using a special type of pencil to make the marks appear real. The pencil is a Crayola black water color pencil. Great, now I have to find one of those, the trick does not come with one.

Second, as the special pad is used beyond the first 10 sheets or so, I see a problem with making it appear normal or work. It will have a small performance problem. With a some effort and thought, one might be able to find a way to make it work. However, I did not see Docc address this issue in the instructions.

Third, you will have to memorize the Chinese Zodiac. He does give you some mnemonics to aid you but, if you really want this to work you will have to put some time into understanding and memorizing this zodiac. For me, too many issues push me right past this effect.

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Author: Docc Hilford
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Manufacturer's Description:

"Yang is the male. It is white and the sun. But Yin is the woman. It is BLACK and the MOON." - Lao Tse 660 B.C.

For the mentalist, PREDICTING THE FUTURE is where reputations are made. And BEING CONTEMPORARY is where the higher fees are found. The current craze in the New Age world is the Chinese Zodiac and the I Ching. Black Moon provides the modern mentalist with a self-contained method for knowing a person's Chinese Zodiac sign and accurately predicting their future! And most importantly, you can PROVE YOU KNOW THE SUBJECT'S FUTURE for the next year!


On a piece of paper, the mentalist writes what he believes to be the subject's Chinese Zodiac sign. He also makes a prediction of what I Ching symbol, or trigram, the subject will randomly choose. The subject states the year of her birth and throws three ancient coins to determine a symbol that foretells her future.

The paper is shown to have all the same information written on it BEFORE ANYTHING WAS CHOSEN! Docc has added a strong psychological touch that apparently PROVES the mentalist's accuracy for the next year! This ploy is literally worth its weight in gold!

BONUS: The special papers are set for use with the Dance of Shiva or Acidus Novas. So you can do an additional reading with the same paper. There is also a hand made, pocket-sized book on I Ching and Zodiac interpretations. The mentalist can do a full length reading without any knowledge of cold reading, the Chinese Zodiac or I Ching. The interpretations on the paper and in the little book are enough to begin immediately.

FEATURES: The sheet of paper used is beautifully designed by an Asian artist with I Ching trigrams and the twelve Zodiac signs. The paper can be marked with the subject's initials. There are NO GIMMICKS to use or lose. Due to a secret formula, all the mentalist needs is the subject's birth year and he instantly knows the Zodiac sign EVEN IF THE SUBJECT DOESN'T! This feat alone establishes the mentalist as an expert.

METHOD: WHAT?!! Yes, here's the basic method. Black Moon works on the same principle as the common Swami Gimmick, yet NOTHING IS WORN by the mentalist. The gimmick is built into the pad of papers, so ALL TEN FINGERS of both hands are able to make information appear ANYWHERE on the INITIALED paper. Every individual paper can be examined; it's given to the subject, so it's not chemically treated or gimmicked. The secret is old, but has NEVER been utilized like this before.

You get the large, 100 sheet, special pads of Chinese Zodiac papers - three ancient Chinese I Ching coins - a pocket-size, hand-made Book of Changes - and complete instructions, along with the Docc touch that makes this effect PROOF POSITIVE that you know the future.

Take Black Moon anywhere and you'll be able to prove you are a living Master of the Mind!

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