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Influence U 2 (USA, Canada Only) Review

Official Review

May 30th, 2008 2:31pm
Reviewed by Christian
Larry Becker and Lee Earle have scored another home run with Influence 2. This uses the same methodology as the original “Influence”. Were as in the original “Influence” objects on a restaurant table were used, this one uses playing cards.

The performer shows a shuffled deck of cards. The participant can name any card, then a color, and then a suit. This is written on the back of a business card that you gave them at the beginning of the effect. They turn over the business card and call the number on the card. Not only does a recorded voice message tell them their card, but it gives them a lucky number. When the deck is counted down to that number they find their card.

The effect comes with everything you need. It is very clever and the script is already written out for you. As an added bonus they have included the Demon Deck. It is a very nicely marked deck of cards. This was my first time handling the Demon Deck so before I read the instructions, I tried to find the markings. I failed. Once I learned the secret, I was surprised how easy it was to read the markings.

Even as I write this, I try to think of something I did not like about the effect and there is nothing. It would be difficult for me to believe that you would not be happy with this purchase.

Easily Recommended

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Influence U 2 (USA, Canada Only)

Author: Larry Becker and Lee Earle
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Manufacturer's Description:

An anytime - anywhere - any card miracle!


Spread a shuffled deck face up on the table.

Someone thinks of a random playing card - value, color, and suit - and writes those thoughts on the back of a business card you hand him (for example he writes 7, black, Spades). You square the deck and leave it face down on the table.

Next, he is asked to dial the toll-free number printed on the card (any phone can be used) to connect with a friend - a corporate executive, who moonlights as a numerologist.

When he reaches her voicemail (she always seems to be out of the office) after the standard "Leave your name and number," she adds, "The destiny card and lucky number for today are: the 7 of Spades and 35!"

That's when you ask your participant to deal down to the 35th card - it's the 7 of Spades!

Just in case you might wonder:

  • There is only one toll-free number on the business card.
  • No switch of business or playing cards.
  • Your participant writes down his series of choices for value, color, and suit.
  • No sleights, forces, moves, confederates, stooges - this is clean!
  • A free selection - it works with all 52 playing cards.
  • Always available, 24/7/365
  • No special deck is required, but included in this package is our original Demon Deck - a $35.00 value - at no extra charge!
Comes complete with a supply of professionally designed full-color business cards, illustrated instructions, and The Demon Deck.

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