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Metalogic Review

May 8th, 2008 5:19pm
Reviewed by Billhall
Although this takes more practice than most other commercial spoon bending marketed effects out there, this one has always been my favorite. A lot happens, it gets a great reaction, and you will have fun performing it. It is quality all the way. Highly recommended.

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Shades of Uri Geller! Here’s a metal bending effect that’s a mind bender as well! An ordinary teaspoon is examined and marked by a spectator. Then, in full view of the audience, the spoon bends and then breaks. Now, for the magic - the spoon is VISIBLY restored and handed out for immediate examination. The marks are still there, and may be verified. For a killer finish, take back the spoon, hold it in one hand, and without any cover, cause it to visibly, slowly bend. Then, still with no cover, cause the spoon to straighten! The spoon is again tossed for examination. They actually SEE the spoon bend and then restore!! The handling is beautiful - no angles to worry about. And, it can be done standing up!

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