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Reel Magic Quarterly - Volume 1, Episode 1 Review

Official Review

May 3rd, 2008 10:46am
Reviewed by David Acer
“If you ever wanted to cut your finger, bleed, and turn that blood into a ladybug, boy did you come to the right place.”
David Regal

The idea of a video magazine has been bouncing around the magic community for years, and I can’t imagine it being much better executed than this. In some ways, Reel Magic Quarterly is what would run if you could cram a copy of MAGIC into your DVD player. You see TV ads for the latest Penguin tricks, L&L DVDs, and Andrew Mayne illusions. You’re treated to entertaining interviews with big name magicians (in this episode, Paul Harris waxes philosophical about “appreciating skill” versus “being astonished,” and Harry Lorayne gives the low-down on how he got interested in both magic and memory work). You also get DVD reviews from’s Wayne Kawamoto (who’s concise and incisive), trick reviews from Genii magazine’s David Regal (who’s concise, incisive, and funny), an examination of the “false take” by Garrett Thomas, and a segment in which John Lovick discusses how his monumental book Switch came about. Finally, you have the pleasure of watching Dan Tong present his commercial Chop Cup routine with the expertise one might expect from someone who’s been performing for decades, then Paul Potassy gives an unofficial master-class in audience management and building an effect as he performs his inspired Bill-in-Potato routine.

In the end, I had the same buzz after watching this DVD that I get during the first day of a magic convention, without the exhaustion, bad food, or having to watch thirty different “ultimate” Three Flys. I’ll gladly take that high at 10 bucks a hit.

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Paul Harris talks impromptu about

  • technology mastery and astonishment

"Try This At Home" with Garrett Thomas

  • this episode Garrett looks at the fake take

"Off The Shelf" features John Lovick's new hundred dollar bill switch book "Switched"

Andrew Pinard's Continuum a look at those who influence magic from the past, the present, and the future - this installment is

  • Harry Lorayne on Memory and Magic

Tricks Of The Trade with David Regal - a hilarious look at four effects that are new on the market

"Choice Cuts"'s Wayne Kawamoto looks at the world of DVD's

Plus bonus material, performances, and explanations

  • John Lovick's $100 bill switch
  • Dan Tongs Chop Cup routine
  • Potassys bill to potato
Running Time Approximately 120min

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