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Pulse Review

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April 29th, 2008 11:57am
Reviewed by Christian
Pulse is an eight page booklet that has no author or credits. The grammar and writing style is at a middle school level. There are spelling mistakes and clucky writing. The author(?) mentions the “Old ball method” and briefly explains it. After that the author explains his new break through on the effect.

Essentially, it is using meditation or bio-mechanical self control. Can the author really do this? Perhaps, but I will not concern myself with that aspect. My question is . . . . can this really be taught in an 8 page pamphlet? Seriously, entire books, thick books, books of many pages have been written on controlling one’s bio-mechanics. Eight pages seem a bit slim for an method that you need to perform on stage while the heat is on.

The pulse stop is a strong effect. It takes a great deal of audience control, set up, and performance explanation. I don’t think eight pages of a half sheet pamphlet will cover all you need to know about performing a solid pulse stop routine.
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Stop your pulse with no gimmicks or suggestion!


Imagine if you were at some place, anytime, anywhere. Someone grabs your pulse. A friend, a spectator, anyone. You ask them to find your pulse. They do so. You start to concentrate...and your pulse starts to slow down...slowly...stops. The spectator feels your pulse stopping and you can also cause it to speed up again.

  • TOTALLY impromptu!
  • No suggestion!
  • No under arm gimmicks
  • Different from any other versions
  • KILLER reactions!
  • Anytime and Anywhere
Includes BONUS routine Pain: pinch someone's arm and they won't feel any Pain. Again with NO gimmicks or suggestion. 100% Impromptu.

Pages 8 - Saddle Stitched - Black and White Photos

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