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Classic Collection Review

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April 24th, 2008 8:18pm
Reviewed by Scott Brown
Those of you who know me may wonder what am I doing by posting a review of a card magic book. Card magic has always been a secret passion of mine and here is a fine example as to why. Here is a fine collection of proven material by Harry Lorayne, it is also a perfect example as to why he has the reputation he enjoys. The Classic Collection combines Mr. Lorayne’s Close-Up Card Magic, Personal Secrets, My Favorite Card Tricks, Deck-sterity and The Epitome Location, all updated, revised and reformatted.

For years I have enjoyed referring back to the pages of Close-Up Card Magic to find an occasional new gem to either entertain my friends or stimulate my creativity; often I found both. In addition to numerous updates and improvements, the descriptions are now accompanied by photographs. If you are not yet a Lorayne fan or want to know what the hype is about, here is the perfect place to start! You are getting a perfected progression of the early works from a card genius.

As you may have gathered by my introduction, I am by no means an accomplished card mechanic. There was not a great deal of material that I found beyond my ability with proper effort. Due to Harry Lorayne’s clear and concise descriptions, with the added benefit of having been able to make revisions, there is a great deal of material within many magician’s reach. This may even be the catalyst to get the moves and routines into your repertoire that takes you to the next level! If card magic is your thing, and maybe if it is not, check this book out.
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This book has Omissions, Auditions, Decisions, Revisions, Upgradings and Updatings for and of Close-Up Card Magic, Personal Secrets, My Favorite Card Tricks & Deck-Sterity; by Harry Lorayne.

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