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Finger Fazer Review

December 30th, 2002 11:13pm
Reviewed by Bizzaro.
Ok so I saw Jay Scott Berry's little invention... well calling it an invention is a little off. I saw the thing Jay Scott Berry wrapped in a band aid and sold under his name on his video "The Lights Fantatsic" (I suggest you watch it. Maybe not buy it, but watch it.)

It is a great idea and looks marvelous. I have seen it done live by a few people. (One who played a banjo while messing with them. That was scary.) One word of caution. Don't go to any rave clubs and do this tricki. They will just laugh at you. (If you have ever been to one you'll know why.)

You can throw a light from hand to hand drop it, put it in your mouth, everything a d'lite can do, but better. The video has some great applications to make the light vanish cleanly from your hand and some beautiful routines for producing them between your fingers. The lights are bright, (If you believe the normal retail packaging of "Up to one mile visibility."), and come in all sorts of goofy colors. They even have strobbing ones now.

If you like good visual magic or just like how lights twirl around when you are on LSD look into buying these little buggers. You'll be glad you did.

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Author: Berry, Jay Scott
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Imagine being able to produce a sparkling point of pure light at your fingertips. A dazzling colored star that twinkles and shines. Toss it from hand to hand, it vanishes, reappears, even floats in the air. Blast Your Magic Into The Next Millennium. Extremely Versatile, Use It Close-Up and on Stage. Hands Shown Empty - Even Up Close. Superbright. Light Can Be Momentarily Activated or Fixed On. Up to 120 Hours of Brilliant Light. Replaceable Battery. Available in Six Dazzling Colors: Ruby Red, Emerald Green, Amber Yellow, Sapphire Blue, Flaming Orange and Diamond White (Shown).

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