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Little Black Book Test Review

Official Review

April 1st, 2008 10:56am
Reviewed by Christian
Let me say up front that the Little Black Book Test is creative, clever, and offers a fresh presentation concerning book tests. But . . . . .

There are problems.

I feel that the instructions could have been organized more clearly. The concepts behind this book test are not difficult but they are difficult to explain. The author’s instructional layout was a bit thorny. I found myself rereading pages and flipping back and forth through the book.

The effect comes with a 24 page staple bound instruction book and a small ungimmicked address book. What you are paying for is the very clever method.

This effect does require some work. The add copy states that no memorization is needed, which is true, however, if you not perform this very often, you better keep the instructions handy to refresh your mind if too much time has slipped by between performances. There is a crib sheet but you will still need to understand how to use it. You also will have to fill out the address book yourself. This is not a bad thing as the author does allow you to personalize it if you desire. You do not have to fill it out with the exact information that he supplies. However, if you change some of the information, it will have to conform to the system that has been outlined. That is a cool thing!

Now, bad news. The data that is supplied in the instructions, does not work 100%. Hmmm. I don’t want to go into too much detail here for fear of giving away any methodology, but there are mistakes. I cringe. I paid how much for information that is not correct?

The good news. You can correct it when you are filling out your address book, by following the system that the author laid out. Do not simply enter in the data supplied with out personally checking it out.

This book test is not for everybody. It’s sexy, it’s unique, and it is compact. Depending on your performing character or style it might or might not work. However, Docc Hilford has used some very interesting principles and even if you don’t use the presentation the author has supplied, one could with a little thought and creativity bend this to their own uses.

So my final thoughts are:
It is a great idea that is awkwardly executed but with a little effort the concepts could benefit someone looking for some new ideas concerning book tests.

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Product info for Little Black Book Test

Author: Docc Hilford
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Retail Price: $45.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Book tests are as popular with mentalists as cut and restored rope tricks are with magicians. Finally, here is one that stands out from the rest.


The mentalist shows a little black book filled with nearly 100 different names and addresses of women. The mentalist gives it to a woman in the audience. She opens the book to any page and chooses one of the names on the pages. She shows it to a man and he also chooses a name from the open book.

The mentalist hands a sealed envelope to the woman to be explained later.

The mentalist starts with a single letter. He identifies a random letter and moves swiftly. Without fumbling or pumping, He correctly identifies the addresses, names, and phone numbers chosen by both parties! He even gives the zodiac signs.

Finally, The mentalist explains that he met with the same girl as chosen by the woman! In the envelope are three souvenirs from the previous night out, a cocktail napkin with lipstick print, a swizzle stick from a swanky night club and a matchbook cover. On the cover is written the same number as was selected by the woman!


Later in the show, if the mentalist desires, he can know the zodiac sign of the woman who helped him. A simple, yet clever ploy allows for this information to be given without anyone knowing, all while the first effect is taking place.

The method based on two old principles, the first letter cue and specialty identifiers combined with a breakthrough system know as the grid means you can know everything without touching the book. It can be examined by anyone and there's never a force.

Has these important features:

  • Uses an ordinary address book.
  • The book can be closely examined,
    Small enough to be carried in your pocket.
  • Large enough for a full stage show.
  • Can be performed stand-up.
  • Is equally effective close-up.
  • Several participants can choose names at the same time.
  • Many different revelations are possible.
  • Never any forcing.
  • Performer knows everything chosen.
  • Performer never touches book.
  • A sensational ending!
  • No memorizing needed, yet...everything can easily be memorized.
  • All names, addresses and phone numbers are different.
  • Comes with an address book.

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