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Wipeout Review

Official Review

March 27th, 2008 12:09pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
What you get when you buy Wipeout is a 1.5 page stapled pamphlet, riddled with grammatical errors, that describes how to construct a utility gimmick. It is not a 5 page, saddle-stitched booklet as the ad states. On the plus side, you will get a laugh when the text refers to the instructional color-coding in the book's black-and-white illustration of the gimmick's construction. I think someone must have forgotten to tell the Kinko's clerk that both of the pieces of paper in this pamphlet needed to be color copies, not just the cover.

It's hard to take this trick seriously when the ad says "Your hands are 100% empty immediately before and after the effect." Um, this trick is a vanish, so if your hands are 100% empty before the effect, then there is no effect. But you should also know that the claims of "No Angle issues (sic)" are also false, as the pamphlet does tell you to avoid holding your hands in certain ways. It also advises that brightly lit conditions are "not ideal."

To construct the Wipeout gimmick you'll need to permanently alter a shirt of the same style as shown in the demonstration video. If you perform in something other than an untucked black t-shirt, it might still work, but you'll be on your own to figure it out.

I could say more about how the "one of the most creative vanishing devices we've ever seen" is a derivation of a utility that Michael Ammar has made famous, and is basically a slight variation of a trick that is included in many beginning magic books, but I run the risk of the word count in my review being greater than the word count in the $20 pamphlet. Suffice to say that I found Wipeout to be better suited to a Linking Ring parade than a commercial product, but also, given the right angles, shirt, and a dimly lit room, a good way to make a small object disappear.

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Product info for Wipeout

Author: David Kemsley
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Retail Price: $20.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

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From UK's brilliant creator David Kemsley comes Wipeout.

Wipeout is one of the most creative vanishing devices we have ever seen.

A vanish, but what a vanish!

Borrow any small object from your spectator, take it on your hands, squeeze it and it vanishes!

  • No Reels
  • No Pulls
  • No Sleeves
Your hands are 100% empty immediately before and after the effect.

Endless possibilities! Use it in close-up, stage, or street magic!

Almost no sleight of hand! From beginner to pro!

In this booklet, David teaches you in detail how to construct, and use your device to get the most out of it.

Pages 5 - Saddle Stitched - Black and White Photos

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