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Houdini Book Test Review

Official Review

March 25th, 2008 12:40am
Reviewed by Christian
This was an interesting book test for me to review. I like book tests and I own quite a few. I also am quite particular about how a book test should be performed. That said lets get down to this particular book test.

The book is first class. It is professionally done and at the same time looks innocent and unremarkable. It is a book about Harry Houdini but at the same time does not look interesting to the layman. The gimmick it uses is not new. It has been used before. I would classify this particular book test more as a tool than an actual routine. Yes, you can do a very nice “trick” with it but it is in a sense a one trick pony. Let me be clear, you can use it to perform the Hoy Book Test with out having to miscall the page and that is a very strong effect. However, it does not go much more beyond that as a routine.

To me, its real strength is the power it can give to additional book tests that you might have in your arsenal. I think this is a solid product. The description that the advertisement gives is correct. It is not misleading. So, how do I see this and who is this for. I think if you are new to book tests this could be a good start. It is easy and straight forward. If you have been performing book tests for some time and are looking for a new angle or a small tool that could add another phase to your book test, this is it.

I can easily recommend this product.

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Author: Black's Magic
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Manufacturer's Description:

Imagine this: you are sitting waiting for an appointment when someone notices you are reading a book by Harry Houdini. A conversation ensues in which you begin to explain how the classic book penned by this famous magician is purely dedicated to exposing fakes and frauds who use trickery to deceive people into believing that they have "supernatural" powers.

Then you say, "For example, take a look at this book real quickly. While you do that, I am going to write down something here on a piece of paper, fold it up, and put it in plain view for you to see." You then instruct them to turn freely to any page they would like, remember the page number, and then close the book and put it on the table. You take the book back and tell them to read the paper: you predicted exactly what they read!

No stooges! No confederates. Can be done impromptu. Can be done completely surrounded. No mirrors. No coins. No breaks. One of the easiest book tests you'll ever do... and, it is the real book! The possible routines are limited only by you own imagination! You can even read Harry's work from front to back.

Pages 200 - Perfect Bound Soft Cover - 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" (14cm x 21.6cm)

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