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Sleight Of Hand With Coins Review

Official Review

March 14th, 2008 6:06pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
Jay Sankey was one of the first magicians that really fooled me with coin magic. I was a teenager at the time and certainly not new to coin magic. I had tried to learn everything in Bobo and Bill Tarr, but his work with the Pop-Out and other unique moves was totally unknown to me.

But this DVD is for beginners. So the question is whether or not Jay can teach the basics. I say "hell yes!"

One of the tasks of the beginner is to learn as much material as possible. This DVD contains 17 effects and 24 sleights. That's quite a good start on the road to coin magic. The sleights range in difficulty from easy to moderate. You won't be the next Shoot Ogawa after this DVD, but if you work at it, you'll have a great foundation for more advanced work.

There are two bonus sections, one on coin flourishes and the other on lapping. The "flourishes" are just coin rolls. The section on lapping is basic, but that's the whole point of the DVD, right?

The video editing and camera work is good, though I was bit disturbed by the number of crotch shots as a background. The weirdest part was that Jay never talks. The entire DVD, including the teaching sections, are visual with background music.

I'm guessing there are several reasons for this. It certainly gets around the language barrier and opens the content up to the entire world. It also keeps the students from being clones of the performer, as we've all seen happen.

The best part for me was a personal lesson. I thought I had created a new vanish when I was a teenager. It appears that Richard Himber beat me to the punch. No surprise there, other than my own ignorance.

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Author: Jay Sankey
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Manufacturer's Description:

Learn the sleight-of-hand secrets of professional magicians!

Featuring 17 incredible effects and 24 killer sleights, this is the ultimate introduction to performing eye-popping sleight-of-hand magic with just a few borrowed coins!

Learn the secrets behind many of Jay Sankey's all-time favorite manishes, productions, transpositions and routines! And as a very special added bonus, Jay has included TWO BONUS SECTIONS!

Learn two of the most popular flourishes in the history of coin magic and look like a TOTAL PRO!

A collection of powerful techniques you can use to ASTOUND people any time you are seated at a table!

This exciting DVD was filmed with broadcast quality cameras and many of the instructional segments feature extreme close-ups taped from the performer's point-of-view to insure the MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF LEARNING!

If you are just starting out in sleight-of-hand magic, this is the perfect DVD for you!

Running Time Approximately 1hr 16min

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