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Covert Coins Review

Official Review

March 14th, 2008 6:05pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
The DVD starts out with an interesting back-story short movie. I've seen others do this and most of them are cheesy, but this one was actually well-done! There's a coin routine in the middle that was quite wonderful.

I'm studying coin magic again, after a 20-year hiatus. I'm looking for new material, not more reworked routines from David Roth. Actually, I'm more interested in moves than routines.

This DVD was just the ticket! Charlie Justice tips many ingenious methods of his own creation. Happily, he does this with excellent crediting and no arrogance whatsoever. He even goes back to Professor Hoffman with an original credit for something he recreated 100 years later.

Several of the moves have been published in various magazines. While I'm a big fan of books and periodicals, learning these types of sleights is almost always easier with a video.

Some of the work centers around advanced (and amazing) moves for shell work. The moves are elegant and generally not very difficult to learn. This is opposite of the current trends in close-up magic. A DVD full of subtleties makes me a happy boy.

Charlie does most of his work in the hands, as opposed to on the table... another thing that interests me.

The instruction and camera work are excellent.

The finale is a description of the routine showcased in the short movie at the beginning. By this point in the DVD, he's covered everything in the routine and now it's up to the viewer to put in the months of practice to make it look like magic.

I really can't explain in words how beautiful (and useful) these moves are. If you're doing coin work, get this DVD.

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Product info for Covert Coins

Author: Charlie Justice
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Retail Price: $19.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

In 1934 Charlie got pinched on a bogus Prohibition charge. On Alcatraz a guy can have a lot of time on his hands...

Covert Coins Part 1 is a unique collection of coin sleights and subtleties. While not difficult, they are designed for the intermediate coin worker that already possesses a basic and fundamental knowledge of coin magic, coin sleights, coins across routines and their various presentations.


  • Stealth Dump
  • Fingertip De-shell and Shellswitch
  • Transwitch
  • Fly Out Production (FLOP)
  • Toss Over Shell Switch (TOSS)
  • Pursubtlety
  • Muscle Pass Pitch
  • Fingers Open Grip Subtlety (FOG)
  • Covert Coins Across (cursory explanation only)

    Bonus Footage:
    Covert Coins (short film) "Uncut Version"

    Requires the use of 3 coins and a matching shell (not included). It is very highly recommended that you use genuine silver dollar sized coins.

    Running Time Approximately 1hr

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